Cover photo by @theunidenticals

Originally emerged in the 1960s and 1970s, in order to support peace in the world, to rise up against supression, to break with conformities and to spread social awareness, the hippie movement now booms again. We are lucky that Instagram spares no one, including the hippies 2.0, so we were able to put together a little collection of amazing acounts and photography.

As Ken Kesey once said: “You’re either on the bus or off the bus”. And this is true for the modern hippies as well; the #vanlife is an important part of their everyday life. Makes sense when you look at this photo by @wandxrbus. What a magical moment!


Thinking about travelling around in a van, living with minimal space and without any luxury, some might feel narrowed. But that these concerns are needless is shown by @elisecook. Like, what is luxury if it isn’t an open air van-cinema together with your friends, directly under the stars?


@tifforelie shows us once more how cozy the vanlife can be. Is it only us who immediately want to make a campfire, have great conersations with friends and listen to some guitar playing?


On the other hand – do you even need more than watching all the amazing sunrises and sunsets at the most beautiful places from the cozy van bed, together with just the right person? In the case of @_hannesthun_archiv the answer seems to be “no”.


A lot of love is also part of the life on the road and also of the hippie-lifestyle in general. Love for freedom, love for the van, and especially love for your travel-buddy. This beautiful photo shows that this condition is definitely fulfilled in the case of @summerofseventyfive. „Love is all you need“ (The Beatles).


@windypeakvintage proves, that not every modern hippie has to live a life on the road. A conscious lifestyle is also part of the hippie movement 2.0. And let’s be honest, after looking at this picture, who doesn’t want to create his/her own garden to grow fruits and vegetables on his/her own? Especially with such a beautiful scenery!


An amazing scenery could also be found during @sallymustang‘s yoga session.


„With freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy? (Oscar Wilde). That’s how @saltsandandsmoothies seems to feel.


And apropos flowers, offers the obligatory dose of FlowerPower.


Maybe our small composition could awake your inner hippie and inspire you to a little roadtrip with a van? If you still have any doubts, just always remember: „Dont worry, be hippie!“