After an intense Christmas season full of wonderful, blessed and peaceful moments, as well as the glamour of New Year’s Eve, that magical feeling has finally gone. Weeks of cold and cloudy days remain ahead. Until life becomes more colourful again, we only have our warm thoughts for company…. Thankfully there is already light at the end of the tunnel: Valentine’s Day on February 14th already represents the first heralds of spring!

Once spring arrives life becomes brighter and warmer. Above all, the year’s second season stands for the awakening of a new phase of life, whether it’s plants, animals or humans. The year’s first rays of sun remind us how colourful, versatile and positive life can be.

With fresh and lovingly designed shop windows and salerooms, you can put your customers in the mood for spring right now!

Wonders of Nature

Attendees at our exhibition stands since the start of the year already know that the colours of the planet — blue and green — are among our favourite wall colours this year. Combined with natural accessories made of untreated wood and flowering bouquets, they lend a fresh charm to rooms that evoke dreams of spring walks in nature.

Sparkling Perspectives

Small highlights can have a big effect. For example, our new Mini-Cards with fine golden elements provide the perfect icing on the cake. Sparkling eye-catchers not only look good on Photo-Postcards, but also refine shop-windows and salerooms. In combination with blue and green tones, gold can create a magical and warm atmosphere.

Blossoming Memories

Nothing beats the romance and beauty of fabulous flowers. In spring, blooming bouquets transform your living and salerooms with their inviting ambience. In addition, our displays, equipped with numerous novelties in floral and lovely patterns, will guarantee a positive atmosphere in your shop.

Gifts that come from the heart

The tradition of surprising yourself with flowers and cards on Valentine’s Day probably goes back to the English writer Samuel Pepys (1633-1703). He is said to have written a love letter to his wife for the first time on February 14th: she responded with a bouquet of flowers.

Your customers can take home spring fever directly from your shop and pass it on to their loved ones.

After all, whether it’s for Valentine’s Day or just for fun: it’s often the little things, that mean the most and make us happy!