Once again, we present to you an #awesomeshop. This time we have a store that even comes in a double pack. Denim fashion store and concept store together, led by trend-oriented event managers.

Where exactly is your shop located and how does it look like?

You can find our two concept stores TXzwei and TEXTILIUM in the Hessian town of Nidda. A city with around 18,000 inhabitants and a rural idyll. Our company started in 2016 with the TEXTILIUM, originally as a denim fashion store. As time went on, more and more deco and gift items were added (candles, pillows, cups, etc.), but our space became too small and in 2017 we decided to rent a second store where we can present the concept giftware x living generously. Currently, we are in the “rebuilding phase” of the TEXTILIUM. We have now the opportunity to get a larger space to expand and can thus present a completely new concept store in a big space with all product groups by Spring 2019. True to our motto of life, style and fashion.

What is the basic concept of your store and what is special about you?

The special feature of our shop is our basic concept. One always finds what one does not necessarily expect and is always pleasantly surprised, by nice conversations, quick purchase successes and special attentions. We always try to stand out, to be different from everyone else and to attract attention. We have unknown brands that people often do not even know, but we also have major trend brands that you would not expect in rural areas. We do not follow every trend, but only those that we consider right for ourselves and our favourite customers. And there we are already, at our most important element – our favourite customers. Because they are always in the center of attention for us and should enjoy a very special shopping experience with us. Each customer is advised as lovingly and professionally as they would like to do it themselves. Individually, down to the smallest detail or even left in peace, but still knowing that we are there for them. And then there’s all our events. We always come up with something – because in addition to our concept store, we are actually event managers.

In your opinion, how does your shop fit in with Pickmotion and its products? How did you become aware of Pickmotion?

Pickmotion and we fit together perfectly, because here too the individuality is part of the basic concept. A postcard is not the same as any postcard. The cards of Pickmotion stand out not only because of the format, but also because of the Polaroid optics, and the used photos complete the product optimally. We got to know each other at the last Frankfurt tradeshow and after only a few seconds at the booth we knew that we fit together very well.

What do you like most about Pickmotion?

We especially like Pickmotion’s attention to detail and down-to-earthness. We are a small company and can not score with big orders and 30 branches, and yet we get the feeling of being treated the same way as anyone else. Often it is us, the small shops, who are the ones that make unknown brands known and big. Stay that way!

Schillerstraße 11
63667 Nidda
Schillerstraße 18
63667 Nidda