It is November and it is cold – no one really wants to be outside and everyone rather would like to snuggle into a warm and cosy blanket. Don’t we all feel like that? Thus, all those who cannot simply stay at home are in need of a cosy place here and there, so that they can have some rest from the everyday stress while enjoying a nice and hot cup of coffee. Well – we might have something for you.

(cover photo: mikevgi)

Wouldn’t it be the most beautiful to be awakened by your dearest with a hot cup of coffee just to get snuggled into bed together directly afterwards again?! kapanasfooddiaries seems to be one of those lucky people. Unfortunately not everyone can have it, except for maybe on a Sunday.

gabse_r feels just like at home in a modern living room at the Micro Roastery in Canterbury, England. The sofa definitely looks very cosy.

Very welcoming and comfortable is the C.C. Ferns in Chicago. Here you can enjoy a lovely variation of coffee drinks together with some sugar-sweet doughnuts in a very relaxed atmosphere.

Coffee lovers in Riga definitely should take a break at All Cappuccino. Here, vintage meets modernism with a lot of love for art and coffee beans. dallacortesrl gives insight behind the counter and an appetite for more.

Those who love cosiness in a total retro atmosphere, just like tinchenmagfrieden, will find their satisfaction at WohnZimmer in Berlin while having a nice coffee and cake.

Relaxing and warming-up in a flamboyent surrounding? No problem at Vögelchen, a café in a special Berlin style. Not only the interior is particular and surprising – no, you even can watch small fishes swimming in an old tube tv, as producer_mina shows.

Not less exceptional but at least the same interesting, cosy and a good address for a hot coffee in between is the Frollein Langner. Those who are in need also can treat themselves with a “bath” as serendipity______and__co lets us assume – towels surely seem to be provided.

Extraordinary cosy cafés are not only existing in Berlin; in Toronto, Canada they can be found too. The Flying Pony Café also is one of the more artistic-quirky places where you can enjoy coffee, art and silence. lovefromdonmills lets us know that here it is so calm, you even can hear your own thoughts loudly.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Rana (@ranaya) am

All those who admire hip and folksy places definitely should visit the Caffe Reggio in New York. ranaya lets us know that the coffee looks appreciative. And if you might have some luck you even can accidentally meet the current mayor Bill de Blasio.

A coffee, a good book and incredibly cosy and big leather settees mixed with a vintage interior you can find at Ground Central Coffee Company in Manhattan, New York. nookinbooklyn shows a cosy corner in which we would love to sit down and relax.

Hopefully hereby we could recommend you some nice coffee places for the cold season and if you would like to share your most cosy moments with us then just tag your pictures with #stay_cosy_november and if you’re lucky you could be the winner of our monthly give-away.