Are you the same eagerly waiting for spring as we are?

For us it’s clear: We had enough of winter! Not only our bodies are defrosting from the sun slowly coming back, also our homes will be filled again with warmth and joy – therefore we want to show you some very beautiful ideas for your upcoming spring decorations. If you pay some attention you even have the chance that some of these inspirations will find their way into your home to bring the spring!

Spring blossoms for take away, please!

If you want to see the spring blossoms not only on your frantic way to work, you definitely should bring this beautiful natural spectacle in your living room, too. These vases by Boutique le Fleurs are ideal for bulb plants of all kinds. Besides bringing some ‘green’ into your house, they offer the possibility to grow scallions, herbs and other edible plants. Simply don’t throw away the roots after cooking but put them in the vase.

Price: 28€
by: boutiquelesfleurs


The small flower meadow for home – handmade.

In comparison to big plant tubs and unwieldy flowerpots this is something for the lovers of details. These small and delicate glass tubes incorporated into grossly carved wooden cubes will bring daisies and friends from the meadow to your kitchen. Being magnetic, they can be an eyecatcher on every fridge and even can sweeten your dull breakfast on a Monday morning. You can actually win these beauties this week so that you will be ready when spring is here. Just let us know which are your favorite flowers. That easy. If you’re interested in more of such products, check out the My Flower Meadow Etsy Shop.

Pice: 15€
by: My Flower Meadow


Embroidery is for grannies? We don’t think so!

מזמינה אתכן לסדנאות יולי, 21 בת"א וב28 סדנת רקמה במוזיאון ליהדות איטליה בירושלים. שילוב של סיור במוזיאון בעקבות מלאכות עתיקות שכמעט ועברו מן העולם: הדפס, הזהבה, רקמה, תחרה, תפירת בדי טלאים, טכניקות הפקת צבעים ועוד 🍃פרטים נוספים באתר: . . . . Some kits available at dmc, hobby lobby and dmc-partner shops in the UK and US . . . #broderie #kits #patterndesign #craftkits #embroideryart #embroiderykit #embroiderylove #threads #tamarny #textileart #textilelove #embroiderydesign #hoopart #handmade #embroideryhoop #dmcthreads #dmcfloss #floss #stitches #modernembroidery #madebyhand #needleandthread #nurserydecor #handmade #embroideryworkshop #artwork #workshop #botanic #botanical #Greenleaves #houseplants

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Spring is not only bringing the well known spring fever, no, it also wakes us up from hibernation. We have energy again! And this energy we should use, for example for this lovely embroidery kit from the etsy shop by TamarNahirYanai. Together with an instruction and an easy-to-use system you will create a refreshing green spring decoration just at the drop of a hat. If you want to be creative with such a kit just follow up what is happening on our Instagram this month because we will raffle one of these.

Price: 27€
by: Tamarny


Need a cooling?

The days will get longer and warmer again! Soon it’s the annual start of the grilling season and for being well prepared, these modern mugs in a copper look are absolutely suited – having cocktail evenings with friends on the balcony or sipping a tasty iced coffee while being over coffee and cake with the family. No matter what cocktail you prepare, drinking from these stylish eyecatchers definitely is fun because you also drink with your eyes!

Price: 14,99€
by: Westwing


Love, Peace and Egg-hunting?

This year we all wish for temperatures which will allow us to go egg-hunting for Easter. In case it won’t be possible: don’t be sad – just ask Pickmotion or even better the team of mojidesign because they produce these Easter bunnies for home with finest detail work. Those sweet origami bunnies made from porcelain accompanying your Easter table decoration or flower bouquets will bring spring mood to everyone and also put a smile on your lips. You also want to have some? Then don’t miss the chance to win these bunnies on our Instagram this month or have a look what else you can find in the etsy shop of mojidesign.

Price: 5€
by: Moijdesign