We had a full month of escaping away and a bunch of very interesting submissions. So, we were wondering What does it mean to escape, really? Do we want to take a break from the city, because we need a break from work? Change the rhythm? Or are we knowledge-driven? Perhaps most of the times, it is a combination. What do we actually need when we need to get away? Cover photo by @lioeliene.

It might be a new speed we are looking for, a slower version of our routine weeks. Yet, sometimes it is the crowds that we miss, getting lost on the streets of a entirely different type of a city, looking for colors, sounds and textures that vibrate in new ways. Sometimes, it is music festivals and sometimes, it is fabulous food.

A few favourites from the over 700 images that were tagged for our challenge you can see below.  We stopped at 10 because we got stuck in a wishful thinking loop. Let’s see why.

Starting with in_somnia_ and her cinematic feel. It’s not hard to love these hues of brown and precious solitude by the blue waters around Fuerteventura. Swarming beaches versus minimalistic waves, split temptations.

A post shared by Judith (@in_somnia_) on

A post shared by Judith (@in_somnia_) on

sara_diamond  changes the angle and we get this Italian rock feast. Jumps, adrenaline and ripples. Few things are as eliberating as losing the fear. You know what else makes fear go away? Flowers. A flower truck in Los Angeles looks like a good escape.

A post shared by Sara Diamond (@sara_diamond) on

A post shared by Sara Diamond (@sara_diamond) on

Love is overrated, all you need is a beach towel in sunny Greece, it can be any color, they say. Inspiration from katetheo79.

lioliene has another kind of August recipe. Peaking through for a glimpse of perfectly ordered row of houses. We have a soft spot for Swedish harmonies, but then again, who doesn’t?

Morning light? Always serene, especially if it comes with a lot of surrounding green. Early escapes from dieformgeberin.

Or mountains, mountains, mountains. The heights are waiting. aufzehengehen‘s Iceland is always a good idea and the French Tournette as seen by ingridlosa is coming up very close.

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What about escape in your own city? It’s quite the challenge or quite the charm. Like a long-term relationship. Like  meike_aus_berlin‘s Berlin.

Our submissions for this #augustescapes are almost always leading to the same visuals: it is usually away from home, usually the sea and usually empty places. That’s what we need. Everything sunny. Can’t say no to vitamin D. Thank you for playing with us.