The summer is at its last gasp and has almost left us, but this period, especially the month of September, unveils wonderful plays of light – everywhere in the city and in the nature.

It is a time which covers itself in misty-warm colours because the low sun snuggles down in another spectrum of light. Together with the first withered leaves in their yellow-orange-brown-red tones the world plunges into an almost fairytale-like play of colours. The softly appearing mist gives a very special mystic atmosphere to September’s dusk and dawn, the sun is shining in its last golden beams of light and the clouds at dawn debauch in purple-red colours.

September is the soft transition from summer to autumn and because of that it offers wondrous plays of light – so it’s just perfect for our monthly challenge #september_play_of_light. Let yourself be inspired by our small selection of photographs.

This is how beautiful it can look like after a rainy sunrise. This shot creates a strong desire to stand up very early and catch such a play of light, just like lesley.hadrill did.

September, sun, autumn, rain…one thing definitely should not be missing – a rainbow. It might be the most magical play of light by the nature and it’s every time worth a photograph as shown by piasherar.

In such a light it is a pleasure to work at home. botodecoto definitely has a good eye for composition and how to stage the given light.

Of course the minimalistic play of light should not be missing, either. exploraspective shows how to create a nice photograph with just some light, shadow and a bit of colour.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Ian Gavan (@iangav) am

The same simple but in a very beautiful way iangav is playing with light, louvres and shadows in black and white. The reduction to the essentials creates a very specific atmosphere.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Tony Sellen (@ts446) am

ts446 shows how marvelous you can play with the shades created by the light of the dawn because the low sun creates elongated shadows.

Ein von @provincijalka geteilter Beitrag am

At dawn it gets cozy when the last golden-orange beams of sunlight come through the windows. provincijalka creates the desire to relax in this armchair while drinking a nice cup of tea and enjoying the warming sun.

Everyone knows it…the morning dew at the window of the tram. You draw structures with your fingers and let the sunrise gently shine through the transparent and with water drops purled lines – just like susanne.kessler does.

“The early bird gets the worm.” This definitely is the case with this incredible early morning photograph by gregorklar.

karenmarieoma captured some beautiful purple clouds at dawn at a fjord in Norway. Such a view absolutely makes you want to be there now!

We hope you just liked our small inspiration for the monthly challenge #september_play_of_light. If you have some nice photographs fitting to the theme feel free to tag it and share it with us and you will have a chance to win a nice gift.