The International Women’s Day has just become a public holiday here, in Berlin, and there’s never been a better time to celebrate our womanhood today, tomorrow and every day.

While there is still many issues to be solved in equality generally, there are also more than enough reasons to be proud of ourselves and to relish being a woman! We hope you get to share some love this International Women’s Day – maybe even with one of our postcards.

Need to boost your confidence a little and hear some of the wherefores why it’s awesome to be a woman again? No worries, we got you covered!

Tough women go anywhere

Women are more resistant to illness and live longer than men. As a matter of fact, we’re tough enough to withstand pain that would get men to their knees. And we always have more strength in us than we appear to have.

Smart is beautiful

And we have the brains for it! While ours are smaller than men’s, our brains are more efficient in many ways. Research suggests that women perform better in, for example, inductive reasoning and at keeping track of a changing situation. We also have better memories despite the fact that our brain sizes are eight per cent smaller than men’s.

We dress to impress

Women can enjoy a much wider variety of wardrobe choices than menwhile still maintaining the so-called social norms. After all, we can pull of tracksuits and bathrobes on a gala event and still manage to look ‘iconic’. Our fashion options also let us deals with hot summer days much better and (big advantage!) dresses with pockets are a thing now.

Girl Boss

We make the better managers. Surveys found that women engage more with their colleagues and employees, and women are generally known to have the better multitask as well as communication abilities. In fact, research shows we use a much wider variety of words in all kinds of social situations. And yet somehow, there is still a gender pay gap?!

Who runs the world? Girls!

And the fictional world even more so. Mind you, it’s women who wrote some of the most successful book franchises of our time. Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games, or 50 Shades of Grey ring a bell?

The list sure goes on – so be brave, be out there and enjoy being a woman!