Have you unpacked Halloween decorations yet? We are especially looking forward to delicious pumpkin pie and colourful sweets this Halloween. Which leaves us even more excited that the sweetest things in life have their special day this weekend already! On Saturday it’s one of the most curious holidays in the world – time to celebrate the Sweetest Day!

The Sweetest Day is annually celebrated in the US on the third Saturday in October. This year, we’re also celebrating it, giving it the honor it deserves with a selection of our cutest cards. These adorable motifs are the first of our new category #postcardsofthemonth and are guaranteed to bring joy to your loved one. Because that is what the sweetest day of the year is about! To prepare you for this newly discovered day of love, we have gathered some facts about the Sweetest Day for you below:

  1. Essentially, the festivities are about giving sweets away as a token of affection. However, the giving is by no means limited to the partner. This day is also about paying attention to friends, relatives or colleagues as well as the elderly, sick and socially disadvantaged. By the way, on the sweetest day of the year, it is usually the women who give away the sweets!
  2. The first Sweetest Day is dated back to October 8, 1921 and was celebrated in Cleveland, Ohio. The celebration was then re-initiated the following year by 12 Clevelander pastry chefs, who prompted their efforts to distribute over 20,000 boxes of sweet sins to the city’s newspaper boys, orphans, the elderly and the poor.
  3. The day is thus primarily based on marketing campaigns of the confectionery industry or, for those who prefer a more romantic history of origin, on a confectionery retailer who wanted to bring a smile to the less fortunate.
  4. Although the day is not as common as, for example, Valentine’s Day, it is still very popular, especially in larger cities like Detroit, Michigan or Cleveland. In 11 states, mainly in the Midwest, this day is an official day of celebration.
  5. For all sweet tooth out there we have even more good news: in addition to the sweetest day of the year, there is also the day of candy, the day of cotton candy and – even more curious – the day of the peanut brittle and the day of the chocolate-coated peanuts. And don’t forget the International Chocolate Day…

Who are you surprising on Saturday? (Pro tip: this works best with home-baked treats and one of our lovely greeting cards.)