Small Christmas Greetings

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Christmas will be a little smaller this year for everyone, only with the closest circle of family or friends. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t make all our loved ones happy too. Santa Claus will probably have more than his hands full this year and his sleigh will be pretty overloaded, but there should still be some space left for one or the other small postcard. You can find the right postcards here, our small ones with special and funny illustrations.


Not a lot of snow yet, there is rather a chaos and unrest in the world, the lockdown, the shopping mood doesn’t really get going and there are not really any Christmas markets, BUT no reason to grimace. Positive thinking, optimism and a certain sense of solidarity and responsibility, and the world will have gotten just got a little better. Look forward to a contemplative Christmas, at which this year the small and inconspicuous things in life, in particular, can turn into something very special – a celebration of lovely Christmas vibes among close family or friends. So have a Merry Christmas.


Our small postcards are not only a nice gift that, with a pinch of humour, put a smile on everyone’s lips, but they are also wonderfully suitable for Christmas decorations at home. For example, how about the idea of spicing up your advent calendar with these cute illustrations or using them as wall decorations. In any case, they will be an eye-catcher.

XMP-0158-EN | XMP-0154-EN

So don’t forget: it is the time to return to the essentials and we should celebrate that too. Love is in the heart and not necessarily in a big celebration. Send a few Christmas greetings to all your loved ones who you won’t be able to visit this year, and everyone will certainly be happy about a small gift together with the postcard.

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So grab some PICKMOTION postcards, send out positive Christmas vibes, give away a smile or decorate your home with them. How to get your hands on our cards? Here you can find them near you or you can stop by an #awesomeshop. And if you are looking for more wonderful postcards for various occasions, take a look at the previous #postcardsofthemonth. Do you have some great Christmas photos yourself that fit perfectly to PICKMOTION? Then tag it with #wintertwinkles and #pickmotion, and with a little luck you will be featured on our Instagram channel or your photos could even become part of our next Christmas collection.