The day of the siblings was introduced on 10th April 1998 by the US-American Claudia Evart in memory of her deceased siblings. A day that celebrates the special connection between siblings and sets an example for people worldwide: our siblings enrich our lives! Because even if they sometimes drive us crazy with their taunts and peculiarities, we have so much to thank them for. Today, on sibling’s day, it is time to say thank you – for all the big and small things:

We can see ourselves in them

…whether it’s the same eye colour, the sense of humor or common values. Our similarities encourage us to just be ourselves – with all those loveable quirks.

They speak our language

We often understand them even without words. A look out of the corner of the eye says it all and a small remark speaks volumes. Not to mention all the inside jokes that only we can laugh about.

They are our allies

Back then, on the playgroun “I’ll tell my big brother.” always helped to get us out of risky situations. Now, it’s more that we need them to discuss our problems with boyfriends, girlfriends or even bosses – but we still have their backing.

They ground us 

We had to learn from an early age that not everything revolves around us. At the same time, however, the older siblings have always opened new doors for us – especially with our own parents.

They shape us for life

Whether it’s their favourite music or the vegetables they just wouldn’t eat – the taste of our siblings also affects us.

If we wouldn’t have had them, there would have been no one to argue, play, celebrate and annoy the parents together with – and for that we simply want to say THANK YOU. Our #postcardsofthemonth from April are perfect for this occasion and will surely bring a smile to your brothers and sisters.

By the way – today also marks the International Safety Pin Day and the National Cinnamon Crescent Day. But we think our siblings deserve the honor the most!