Love is in the Air

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The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner and even if every day is something beautiful, this one stands out in particular – the day of love, Valentine’s Day. For this special and lovely occasion, we have a few wonderful card recommendations for you.


Surely you let your loved ones know every day how much they mean to you and how happy you are to have them by your side, but Valentine’s Day is a nice occasion to treat your beloved ones with something special in order to celebrate love. How about some love beats? Make your loved ones happy with a playlist of the most beautiful, most memorable songs of your time together, create some space in the living room for a dance floor that belongs only to you two, and dance until the late hours of the evening. For breakfast, you prepare a sweet, tasty, berrylicious breakfast to let your loved ones know how berry much you like them. And in between, while dreaming about exciting journeys, you can remind each other of what you value so much in each other.

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Love is in the Air and Better Together – true classics on the subject of love, which should therefore not be missing in any Valentine’s Day playlist. We have packed this special feeling of love and togetherness into our wonderful postcards so that you can give your loved ones a little gift in addition to dancing to these songs because sometimes pictures can say more than a thousand words.

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Do you want to know where you can get these beautiful cards? It’s very simple: in our ONLINESHOP.
Our special Valentine’s Day cards are curated for you in wonderful sets and are not just for people who have just fallen in love. It’s also really nice to get in touch with your best friends with a sweet or funny message of love. Whether you are in love, engaged, married or just want to spread some love – there is something for everyone! So grab a couple of PICKMOTION postcards, send lovely greetings, give away a smile and bring more love to the world.