The past few weeks have not been easy for all of us and we have had to and still have to limit our social contacts. Of course, that doesn’t stop us from thinking about our loved ones. On the contrary – we miss them all the more and find creative ways in the digital world to talk to them, spend game evenings together or even celebrate parties. But how about a little handwritten, cheerful surprise, especially for those of our loved ones who are more offline than online? A postcard would be something nice. Our #postcardsofthemonth are the ideal messengers to send your loved ones some good vibes during these times.

Just send some lovely and floral greetings. Who would not be happy about a few nice words and beautiful flowers? Such a postcard would be a nice surprise for grandparents or for loved ones, who cannot be with us right now. Or an encouraging postcard for those who are a little more worried or alone. “Good vibes” are still everywhere, you just have to be reminded to see them again. Every cloud has a silver lining and the rain itself can be something magical. So send some good vibes or cheerful balloons, because balloons put everyone in a good mood.

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Keep calm and drink tea. Not that this is a miracle cure, but a little “positivitea” definitely helps. With a few sweet and cheerful handwritten words, this card is the ideal messenger to send positive energy to your loved ones and put a smile on their lips. If you want to let your partner, with whom you are currently spending almost 24 hours a day, know that you are working together wonderfully, he or she would be delighted about this little messenger that you enjoy it so much that you are a cool and strong team “better together”.

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So keep up the good spirits and optimism, enjoy the opportunities that you have and spread a bit of positivity. Get some postcards and send good vibes to your loved ones, your friends and the rest of the world! – #SchreibDochMalWieder