Cosy Optimism

our November #postcardsofthemonth


This year, it went haywire. A roller coaster ride of emotions, economics and social togetherness. It still hasn’t gotten any easier, but no one should let their optimism being taken away. The year is finally coming to an end and now it’s time to snuggle up in the warm nest in your own four walls to recharge your batteries for a better next year. Since we can’t cheer up all our loved ones with a hug at these times, we have put together our #postcardsofthemonth for you to send encouraging and relaxing vibes to all those who you cannot meet personally at the moment.

Even if it is not always easy to see the good in difficult times, you shouldn’t let yourself be thrown off course so quickly and just try it with a little comfort. Do less, be more. That does not mean to be indifferent or careless, but rather to simply switch off for a moment, to reflect on yourself and to rediscover and particularly appreciate the small, simple things in life. And don’t forget: giving yourself and others a smile helps to survive even the dreariest of times.

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Encouraging, loving words, a healthy optimism and appreciation are the best therapy in times like these. It may be that not all of us can be with our loved ones or their family to support them, to be there for them or just to hug them to give them a feeling of security and well-being, but that doesn’t mean we can’t send them a little encouraging optimism. Let them know with a little greeting how much you love them and that everything is gonna be ok. Such small words and gestures can have a big impact on our inner emotional world during this time.

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So grab a couple of PICKMOTION postcards, send encouraging, optimistic vibes, spread a good mood, give away a smile and share your optimism with others. You don’t know where to find our postcards? No problem – you can find them here near you or you can stop by an #awesomeshop. And if you are looking for more wonderful postcards for various occasions, take a look at the previous #postcardsofthemonth. Do you have some great photos of your own that go perfectly with PICKMOTION? Then tag it with #pickmotion and with a little luck you will be featured on our Instagram channel or your photos could even end up on our new postcards.