International Women’s Day was declared an official holiday here in Berlin last year and has caused some excitement in the country. We think that’s absolutely great and believe that it should also be an occasion for women beyond the borders of Berlin, all over the world, to celebrate themselves! Today, tomorrow and every day.

While there is still a lot of enlightenment to be done about equality, there are more than enough reasons to be proud to be a woman and to enjoy being a woman to the fullest! We hope that you will share love and strength on this International Women’s Day – maybe even with one of our postcards.

And since a little ego boost is never wrong, we’ve collected some of the reasons for you why it’s great to be a woman and what some of the women on our team wish for the female future.

Tough women go anywhere

Women are more resistant to diseases and live longer than men. In fact, women are strong enough to withstand pain that would bring men to their knees. And they have a lot more power in them than you might think at first glance.

Smart is beautiful…

…and they have the brain for it! Even though theirs is smaller than that of men, their brain is still more efficient in many ways. Science suggests that women do better when it comes to inductive thinking and processing changing situations, for example. Their memory is also better – even though the brain size is eight percent smaller than that of men.

Dress to impress

Women can enjoy a much wider range of clothing than men – without breaking too much of the social norm. After all, they could show up in a tracksuit or bathrobe at a gala event and still look “iconic”. Their fashionable options allow them to deal with hot summer days much better and (a big plus!) dresses with pockets are currently in trend.

Girl Boss

Women are the better managers. Surveys have shown that they work closer with their colleagues and employees, and they are generally known to have better multitasking and communication skills. Research shows that women actually use a significantly wider range of words in social situations. If that doesn’t fit for a salary raise!

Who run the world? Girls!

And the fictional world even more. After all, it is women who have written some of the most successful book series of our time. Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games or 50 Shades of Gray – you have certainly followed at least one of these stories.

At PICKMOTION too, women are the stronger gender and make up the majority of our employees, so we did not miss the opportunity to ask some of them what is he best hing abotbeing a woman and what are their wishes for the female future.

I enjoy to experience life as a woman – with all its nuances. I‘m happy I can live in times when women can just be themselves, decide on their lives and future. It‘s still much to be done – inequality is still present in many areas around the world, but I‘m happy we can openly speak about it and fight for a better life for every woman.

I wish women will have equal rights in every aspect of life and a choice to decide upon their way of living. I hope that every girl growing up will be happy to be a woman and know that she doesn‘t have to forget about any of her dreams just because of her gender. I wish for showing the diversity of female bodies in mass media as well as promoting body positivity message – beauty is versatile and it‘s time to show it.

Woman are the source of life. But not only that: They can be strong and intelligent, too. Also, we can wear colourful clothes, dresses, jewelry to express our joy for life without shame.

Equal rights for all women around the globe! Female around the world should own their woman-hood and be proud of it no matter which shape it comes.

For me, the greatest thing of being a woman is to know that I belong to a gender that, biologically and socially, is strong and highly adaptable.
I usually don’t subscribe to the usual radical feminist speech and I strongly believe in diversity and that a balance is possible between all genders. But I truly believe that in general, women are genetically provided with many “super powers” that, when well used, can contribute to a better world.

I am aware that in many places of the world, being a woman is like a death sentence and is seen as a burden for the family and society. And I am aware that I am a very privileged woman (and human being), born with rights and freedoms that many women in many parts of the world, don’t have and never had.
So I wish this could change. All women (as well as everyone) should live in a safe environment, where there is access to fundamental rights – access to education, justice, to health care, right nutrition, freedom of speech, freedom of choice and so many other crucial things that allow us to live a more dignified life.

We wish all women in the world a wonderful International Women’s Day and hope that a day ike this contributes to greater understanding and implementation for equality. Remain as you are and who you are, stay strong and stand your ground! You are the best!