We all know this feeling when around New Year’s Eve you suddenly remember all those New Year’s resolutions from one year ago that soon after the turn of the year vanished somewhere in the depths of our brains. Having an idea or a goal is rarely the problem but enacting on it much more so. Because this is where motivation comes into play – or rather the frequent absence of it.

But do not despair – this year we’ve got you covered with our top picks of inspirational and motivational Photo Postcards as well as with the best tips and tricks on how to boost your motivation and finally reach those goals!

1. Pros instead of Cons

Your own attitude is the most important thing in achieving your goals. Those who approach something pessimistic from the beginning will hardly be able to motivate them to bring it to an end – no matter the goal. Therefore, it makes sense to look for reasons for something and not even get started on the reasons against it. If you are open to new things, you will tackle it faster and will see results faster.

2. Be real(istic)

Sure, we all want our (individual) perfect bikini figure for summer, drink less (or more) after-work beer or write the next bestselling novel (or thriller?). But the bigger and more unrealistic our dreams are, the sooner we abandon them. If you set yourself a goal, you should also make sure that they are achievable within your own limits. Make sure to neither sell yourself short nor to set goals that are doomed to fail. It is often helpful to divide a project into small steps and ‘micro-goals’. Thus:

3. Baby Steps

Those who patiently focus on realistic, achievable intentions will reach their goal faster. Because the perception of progress is ultimately the most important element of motivation! By checking off to dos continuously, a feeling of success will quickly appear and the final goal can be achieved without running out of steam on the way there.

4. Be my backup

It may be advisable to have a backup plan in case the first one does not work out. However, this should not be understood as the easy way out. Rather, your backup is to ensure that your project simply can not fail completely, as at least some parts of it can be achieved in one way or another.

5. Wall of inspiration

Positive quotes and inspirational sayings are one of the most common and best sources of motivation. If you see your own favourite quote over and over again, for example on a poster or your phone case, you are constantly reminded to think positively and work towards your goals determinedly. That’s also why we like designing motivational cards so much btw!

And finally, something that always helps against lack of motivation: find yourself your personal cheerleader to build you up again whenever you need it! We hope you can achieve your goals this year and have fun sharing motivation!

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