In the beginning of this new year we literally have a pearl in terms of an #awesomeshop for you. Here you can find very special pearls and buttons from all over the world, unusual creations and there even is the possibility to make your own personal, individual jewellery.

Where exactly is your shop located?

Our shop is located in the heart of Würzburg, in a side street (Gressengasse) of the lower market square – the postal address “Marktplatz 3a” is actually a bit irritating, since the store is just in the Gressengasse. In this alley, however, is also the historic Weinhaus “Stachel” with its romantic courtyard, so that every tourist visiting this place, passes by right in front of our shop window and thus the Pickmotion card display.

What is the basic concept of your store?

Pearls from all over the world made of various materials and a large selection of accessories for self-design of jewellery. At a table, jewellery can be made by customers themselves and we provide the tools. If you are less creative, you have the choice of beautiful, finished jewellery collections, as a template and inspiration from our own production. Stephisimo, Konplott and Gubo Design collections, as well as beautiful silver jewellery complete the assortment. In addition, we carry unusual buttons made of unusual materials and special shapes. We also organize jewellery workshops in the evening and provide a repair service.

What is special about you?

The special thing about our shop is that we have a broad target audience. Our customer base is made up of all age groups – from high school students who want to tinker with low-priced materials to create earrings or bracelets, fashionistas looking for a more exclusive piece of jewellery or expensive buttons to an outfit, elderly ladies who want to get fixed something or nuns who need pearls for crafts. Locals and tourists alike shop with us. In May of this year, we celebrate our 30th anniversary. We have never moved and exist since 1989 in the same place.

How do you fit to Pickmotion and what do you like about Pickmotion?

We fit to Pickmotion because the motives and sayings go with the trends, same as we do. Funny sayings bring good mood to the customers and also our employees. That’s why we like the matching and diverse designs that greatly accompany our pearls and all occasions.

So if you are looking for that special something in the matter of pearls and buttons, this #awesomeshop is exactly the right thing for you. Stop by, find something or even make your very own jewellery there.

Marktplatz 3a
97070 Würzburg