Last Thursday, we went for our second #pckwalk and this time it took place at the Zeiss-Großplanetarium in Prenzlauer Berg.

It was a grey and rainy day for it being mid-May. Therefore, the fact that it was an indoor walk was a great coincidence!

Once inside this majestic, space-bubble-lookalike of a building, the first Instagramers were already awaiting us and we were welcomed by the lovely team of the Zeiss-Großplanetarium. The interior architecture of this building has quite a few hidden gems, which the participating Instagramers quickly began spotting themselves.


After we all gathered and had a short introduction round, we went straight up to the huge, dome-shaped stellar cinema (one of the largest in Europe actually) to see ‘Planets – an expedition into the solar system’, the show.

The stairs leading to the cinema are certainly worth photographing. They spiral all the way up and looking down, you can see a magnetic compass, swirling around.


Always a humbling experience to realize how tiny we are as humans, and this kind of stargazing cinema never fails to impress!

Then Stefan and Kristin, our charming guides, gave us a private tour behind the scenes of the planetarium. We could see how the technology of this immense cinema actually works, where all the data is stored and how they gather the information to make the projections.  Also, we saw the architecture of the complex itself and discovered that there is not only the stellar theatre but also a preserved old cinema that was restored and still shows movies every now and then, even in 3D!


Our tour came to an end in front of the old projector which is now on display in the main hall. There was time to distribute some Pickmotion goodies and have a little chat with each other. And the participating photographers had the chance to make some more photos of stairs and go up to the tower.


It was a lovely experience, so good to see some familiar faces and meet more of the people of our community! Thanks to everyone who was there! Stay tuned for our next Insta-Walk and join us!