Science and photography – do they fit together? Sure, of course! And that’s why we had our third #pckwalk at Experiminta, the science museum for young and old, in Frankfurt to bring exactly these two things together.

We were at the Tendence trade fair in Frankfurt and took the opportunity to meet with our Frankfurt community and to get to know each other better. Saturday morning, 11 o’clock, already 30°C and blazing sun. Actually rather perfect weather for a day at the water, but a handful of Instagrammers, who do not want to miss the fun of the #pckwalk at Experiminta, joined our event.

A warm welcome, a short introduction to the history and background of the Experiminta and off we go. Due to the small size of the group, we start directly with one of the highlights in terms of fun in the museum – the flight simulator. A bit shy at the beginning, but then we find the first volunteer to take off with a Cessner from the Frankfurt airport to explore the Frankfurt area and the city from the air. The detailed explanation and support make the flying easier than expected and everyone is looking forward to a successful flight without crash landing.

Afterwards, we explore all the wonderful and exciting experiments and get fascinated so much by one or the other that we stay longer. Through the interactive exhibition of scientific and technical phenomena and mechanisms, you have the opportunity to try everything for yourself. Memories of the school’s physics lessons are coming up and, infected by the fascination, the childish curiosity overcomes all of us. Much of the knowledge that you already may have long forgotten, as you have seen it only in the textbook, can be refreshed or re-learned playfully and with lots of fun. After all, you never stop learning and are never too old.

With interesting discussions and the many impressions from the wondrous world of science, time flies by and then the InstaWalk is already over. Much too fast for our taste, but those who can not get enough may stay as long as they wish to watch the science show “Loud Flames” too.

In the end, there is a Pickmotion Goodie Bag for all participants and the staff of the Experiminta, which in addition to the walk, puts a happy and big smile at everyone’s face.

Should you be with friends and family in Frankfurt, we can recommend you to visit the Experiminta Science Museum – it’s definitely worth it!

EXPERIMINTA Science Center
Hamburger Allee 22-24
60486 Frankfurt am Main

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