Art, culture and photography. This time our #pckwalk took us to the Museumsquartier in Vienna. While still having summerly 27 degrees, a bright blue sky and lots of sunshine, we discovered classical art in the Leopold Museum and got interesting insights into some studios of the artists-in-residence of the Q21.

16 o’clock – good mood thanks to the summer weather and also the first participants already have arrived; To our surprise, @_hannesthun spontaneously came over as he just happened to be in town and did not want to miss out on meeting with us. When everyone has arrived around 4:15 pm, we have a small round of introductions and an explanation of what Pickmotion is doing here in Vienna together with the Museumsquartier. True, of course, you can find our postcards and magnets in many wonderful shops in the city, but this time we are here to get to know the Viennese photographers’ community because we are looking for new city photographers for a very special Vienna series. But enough of the many words – after all, we want to explore the Museumsquartier together and take pictures – so off to the Leopold Museum to explore the exhibition “Vienna 1900“.

“Splendor and squalor, dream and reality, dissolution of the self and new beginning characterize the esthetic pluralism and mark the Vienna of that time as a place of experimentation and a laboratory of ideas – and thus as a central motor to a turbulent movement of renewal. This heterogeneous atmosphere – Arnold Schönberg spoke of an “emancipation of dissonance” – provided the setting for the unique consolidation of cultural efforts that today makes us look upon the period of Vienna around 1900 as the source of Modernism.” – Quote press release of Leopold museum

You will find the works of the great masters of the time, such as Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt, but also insights into everyday life, the interior design and the general zeitgeist of this time.

The participants immerse themselves in the art of this epoch and, inspired by the atmosphere of the exhibition and thanks to the modern technology of smartphones, interesting Instagram stories are created that combine classic and modern in an entertaining way for the Instagram community.

After this first artistic-cultural photo tour through the museum, we meet for the second part of our #pckwalk. But before we start with the special backstage tour of the Q21, there is a little surprise – goodie bags filled with our Pickmotion products, useful little gadgets from the Museumsquartier and a free ticket for the mumok. Afterwards, it goes through a backyard and side wing to the studios of the Artists-in-Residence, to which the public mostly has no access. So we get a very private insight into the work of two artists – Yoshinori Niwa and Shinpei Takeda. They explain their working methods, concepts, and ideas and give us an insight in their current projects – two very different, but highly interesting dialogues between the artists and the participants of the #pckwalks, truly creative exchange of views and new insights into the world of contemporary art.

At the end of this special #pckwalk, we could not resist to make a group boomerang GIF and enjoy a cool drink at the Aloha Bar.

We would like to thank everyone who has been there – it was really fun with you and we hope to see you again and who knows maybe even soon welcome one or the other in the Pickmotion family. Special thanks also to Natalie from Museumsquartier, to the Leopold Museum, to mumok and the Q21 for the opportunity for this wonderful event.

You’d like to join our next #pckwalk ? Then stay tuned, because in November we will be in Cologne.