@ponypork is mostly known for his hands. Yes you’ve heard it right. It’s called #whatmyhandsdoing. The ideas within his creative mind already got him 54,7k followers and the photos are getting better every day! They show his tatooed hands holding or placing something on an often very colorful background. We asked him to tell us a little bit about himself and how he got the ideas for his photos.

“My name is Romo Jack, I’m 22 years old, born and live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Let’s just say that I’m a creative worker.I really enjoyed exploring new ways to express myself and proving there’s so many ways to make work called “Art”. I wasn’t into art or even considered myself as an artsy person. As the time went by, I realized that there’s something artful in everything we do, in every aspect in life.

The idea with the hands, happened actually by chance behind the #whatmyhandsdoing. I found out that you don’t need to spend too much time  just to think of a concept that might lead you to nothing in the end. The more important thing is to take a look around yourself and just do it! For example what my eyes see everyday when I wake up from bed till I fall back asleep. Watch what your hands are doing every second. Because there might be thousands, even millions of things our hands got to do. Then I thought, why don’t I try to visualized this idea.

It is not such a hard thing to create an image since I take photos of our daily activities. It is just a matter of how we arrange things that are artistically aesthetic. Sometime I got some ideas in mind but they are kind of hard to realize. They stuck in my mind and I just can’t get over it. And so I went through small alleys and traditional markets just to in order to bring those ideas to life. We need to be more sensitive with the environment around us. Because no matter how small a thing is, it could be an interesting story to tell!

For everyone who is wondering the photos on the hands and the photos are mine. To take the photos I use a boom stand and a remote shutter, so it is easy for me to take the perfect picture.”