He’s basically living in a tropical paradise: Honduras. With its incredible nature and white sandy beaches one can easily enjoy the slow life at this caribbean gem. Or one gets inspired and is generating a huge creative outcome as a result! One thing’s for sure: Matias definitely decided for the second option. 

Taking a look behind the curtain of his photographs and into his interior world has left a lasting impression on us; Whether it’s his thoughts about the bigger picture, like the universe, or deeper into detail, like the effects of immediate digital feedback. It was a pleasure meeting him and we won’t forget about it so fast. Heads up, let’s get inspired!

Hi Matias! Thanks for having this interview with us. To start it all off: could you give us a little introduction of who you are?

Hi guys! Thanks for having me! So, the real basic info: my name is Matias, I am 42 years old, single and I do not have children. I was born in Vina del Mar, Chile. I lived in Santiago for many years before coming to live in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.Other than that, I really like traveling, cycling, listening to music, visiting live concerts, reading, watching movies and series. What’s most important to me above all, is to live without tying myself too much to anything. 


Alright, sounds good! Can you explain how you got so much into photography and how it relates to your current occupation?

Sure. Right now, I am a publicist and work as the Chief Creative Officer for 4AM Saatchi & Saatchi HondurasSince I studied advertising and arts at the School of Fine Arts in Chile, publishing seemed the way to go. But I could somehow always feel that I was not fully developing my artistic side. So when Instagram appeared, I saw it as an opportunity to start developing and to artistically express myself. I quickly realized there were two kinds of Instagram-users; the ones that use it like Facebook, posting selfies, food photos, and other intimate things. The others, which is what inspired me, used Instagram to show more creative and conceptual things. And so I also began to express my ideas and vision of the world via the wonders of this application.

That makes sense and it seems to be a smart move of yours to hop on this Instagram-train. Also, I can see that you are a multi-talented artist, do you have a favorite creative outlet?

While studying at the School of Fine Arts, I was interested in drawing and painting as well. But since I began to work as a publicist, I didn’t continue to practice. I like all visual arts, to be honest. However, I drifted towards photography because I feel it allows me to express myself freely as well as balance my energies.

And what do you do to get inspiration? 

I think I have two main sources of inspiration; one is travel, where I analyze and reflect on the aesthetics of the places I visit. The other one comes from me looking at a lot of photography of photographers that I admire, of which the majority I find on Instagram.


Could you give us some of your personal favorite accounts?

I have various accounts that I really like but I will mention 3 in particular: @nikolator, @marcuscederberg und @huxsterized.

How did you get to this minimalistic style with lots of architecture and pastels and why does it attract you? 

My favorite themes to work around, are the things which appear everywhere in the world; facades, and cars. But each country and city have their own subtle differences, which make them so unique. 

The first thing I do whenever I travel is to tour the city and take notes. Later, I go around and make basic shots of what I like. Then I return to those planes during the magic hours of light, sunrise or sunset, to get the best quality of images. 


Since I live in Honduras, I began to add some beach scenery. Compared to the beaches I was accustomed to, I find the beaches of Honduras tremendously captivating with their turquoise water and sand white as snow. To me, they are absolutely worth sharing with my followers.



I have always liked minimalism, it gives a certain sense of harmony and serenity to my life. I am obsessed with the idea to be able to simplify a complex world, like the one we are living in, through an image. 

I am a firm believer in the thought that we are but a second in the universe, we are insignificant from the moment we are born and it depends on each and every one of us to give meaning and importance to our lives. 

In my compositions, I initially looked for more color and balance. When I came to live in Honduras however, I began to reconsider what I had been doing thus far. I felt I had to take my photos to another level, a level that not only showed reality as it is but also how I see and think about it. This combination made me start to reflect what was happening in my interior world. The pastel colors are some of my favorites because they relax me, but I also use solid colors when I want to express energy.


That’s a very mindful approach to your artwork, I like your way of thinking! Do you print your own photos or use them to decorate your home? That might also work relaxing for other people.

I haven’t really thought about it yet, to be honest. Although I have been asked to do so! If people ask me for a photo, I just give them away. I do have plans to make some kind of paintings of my images because I feel they have added value for people. But for now, that is just an idea in my head. And of course, I recognize that after having received various messages asking me if I sell my photos or where they can be purchased, surely in the future there should be a portal to sell them.

And so you should! They are worth it to be sold across the world. Of course, your fanbase is partly to thank for your success and would be your main client once you start selling your work. How do you feel about the community you build up? Do you often connect or collaborate with other IG-ers?

Yeah, you’re absolutely right. It makes me so happy to realize that I have a large base of followers considering that I follow very few people myself! I hope that my follower base will continue to grow. I am always very attentive to the comments and I make sure to thank my followers. Like any other photographer, it makes me feel good when a photo is popular, and kind of sad when a photo doesn’t explode with likes. It’s the society we live in. However, when this happens, I try to think that I can push myself to do even better for my next publication. In the end, your audience and the public, in general, are a benchmark for what is good and what isn’t.

We have gotten to our last question. Is there any other information or stories you’d like to share with us? Please feel free!

Well, all I can say is that I am enjoying what I do more and more, day by day. With time, I just want to continue improving and innovating. Time truly is the best teacher.

And that seems to be the perfect mindful quote to end this interview with. Thanks a lot for your time!