His gallery is holiday for your eyes – minimalistic compositions, lifestyle and nature. He masters all of them pretty good. @mfcorridan aka Mauricio is a talented all rounder who just does what he loves and doesn’t stick to a certain style. He recently returned with a lot of new experiences and ideas after taking a one-year break of Berlin.

Since 2012 @mfcorridan studies photography at a private university in Berlin, but originally he was born in Ireland and grew up in the Paradise Tenerife: the various natural landscapes from the beaches until the dry south Tenerife crossed by volcanoes and the fog influenced Mauricio greatly. “I am really into nature! Since I was a kid I watched documentations and until today I love National Geographic!” he says.

After his studies of Publicity and Public relations in Spain, he decided to give his life a new turn. Later in that time he met his girlfriend @oljaryz in Switzerland and they moved together to Berlin to study photography. They are both at the same university and Olga also plays a big part on the stream of Mauricio.

The thirty-year-old uses Instagram since last summer as his portfolio. He loves the travelling opportunities Instagram offers him and all the other possibilities to meet other creative people over the platform. Yet he says:” Instagram is an amazing platform for photography but not the best for photographers.” A lot of his favourites images get less likes, an experience that others might share.

Now he is back in Berlin after half a year in Tenerife and a semester in Seoul. “Seoul is a really modern but sadly also a pretty expensive city. The people are so polite and they have style. But of course the communication is a bit complicated since I am not speaking Korean,” Mauricio tells. He loved to work with the Korean models because of their style, their openness and their craziness. Especially inspiring for him was the design of the plaza of Zaha Hadid and the rooftops above Gangnam.

Mauricios’ favourite igers: