With a blond, wavy thatch of hair, lots of energy and in a cheerful mood @fraenze_berlin aka Franziska is appearing at the interview in a quiet side road of trendy Berlin Neukölln. We sit on the sidewalk in front of “Das Ungeheuer”, a charming vintage restaurant and talk about her internship at the police, Paris and Bobby of course.

Franziska grew up a 2-hours-drive away from Berlin, in Spreewald – it was a sheltered childhood which was pursued by a wild youth. So her parents said: “You are crazy, my child, you must go to Berlin!” – an advice she accepted instantly. She lives in Neukölln and enjoys the hurly-burly of Hermannstraße – “because it feels like holiday” – like most citizens of Berlin she is a neighbourhood patriot.

Photographing is some kind of equalizer for Franziska. She studied public administration – “I know it sounds boring!” – and starts working for the Berlin municipality in June. 3 to 4 days are spent on photography each week she tells me – and that she is loving walks. “I like to stick to people because I hate making decisions! If you are around with others, you can see more and look at things from different angles.” With @loewe7 and @ellamsinger she once went to an instawalk in Warsaw spontaneously, but a Dresden walk with the local museums and countless personal appointments for common walks are visible on her gallery as well.

And @fraenze_berlin what kind of crazy stuff is a crazy child doing in Berlin? The answer comes promptly. It’s not just colouring hair from raven black to blond but also makes an internship at the police. Bobby was Franziska’s bunny and here and there was seen on her gallery – when he died Franziska drove back to her home town and buried Bobby in the garden of her grandfather.

Every two days she tries to post something new – for aesthetics on the @fraenze_berlin account and for the fun on @fraenze_wonderlust. Nonetheless she admits: “I belong to the lazy fellows on Instagram. I am kind of relieved I never made it to any suggested user list – I don’t wanna be stressed to deliver an image once in a while, but do Instagram because I like it.” She likes travelling – big European cities like Paris and Budapest atrract her magically, Paris is an annual target. “I lost my heart to the city,” she fancies. And New York which she refers to as “the big brother of Berlin” is on her wishlist. Soon Vienna is to be discovered – a place were even her parents have been but not Franziska – “And I can’t take it”, she says mischievous.

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