She knows how to come to grips with something, is more aware of social media than is good sometimes and risked a new beginning after failure. We met Henriette aka “Henne” aka @frailfail in front of “Frittiersalon” a french fries place in Berlin – and one of the best addresses when it comes to #einmalpommesrotweißbitte (which means ‘one time red and white please’ and refers to fries with ketchup and mayonnaise).


“No matter how fucked up things are – fries taste always good” like that or close to that was a twitter message, which inspired Henriette 6 years ago, when she had just lost her job and was really down. She created a new Instagram account – @frailfail. “I was looking hard for an alliteration, which was able to express my state. I felt failed and needed a change!”


@frailfail is an account with a red and white color concept and addresses failure from time to time. The inventions #einmalpommesrotweißbitte and #lonelypylony appear regularly. Henriette is writing longer captions than they are usual – “I like thoughtfulness”, she says. In 2014 she was on the suggested user list with follower boom and today has a few collaborations with renowned brands – IKEA, le petit bateau, fleurope… But nothing is further than calling herself an influencer, she prefers the term “creative concepter”.


{~ Baustelle MENSCH ~} Manchmal ist der eigene Körper und/oder die Seele eine Baustelle. Und das ist überhaupt nicht schlimm. Anzuerkennen, dass es so ist. Das ist gut. Denn nur wer erkennt, dass da eine offene Baustelle ist, der kann auch reparieren. Der kann Dinge wieder gerade rücken. Kann Löcher, Risse und auseinander gegangene Fugen wieder kitten. Dann kann aus einer großen Baustelle eine kleine werden. Und irgendwann. Dann ist sie ganz weg. Diese blöde Baustelle. Auch eine Elbphilharmonie war einst eine riesige Baustelle. Aber große und wichtige Dinge brauchen nun mal ihre Zeit, wenn es (wieder) gut werden soll. Und wie sagt man so schön: ist es nicht gut, dann ist das auch nicht das Ende. Und wenn du glaubst, du schaffst das alles nicht alleine. Diese gefühlt riesige Baustelle alleine zu bewältigen, weil du nun verdammt noch mal nicht Bob der Baumeister bist, dann lege ich dir den Blogpost von @iheartberlin mit einer Auswahl an gesponserten Bildern von mir ans Herz. Your story isn’t over yet! CLICK ___ #mentalillness #panicdisorder #endthestigma #breakthestigma #talkaboutit #morethansad #itsokaynottobeokay #einmalpommesrotweissbitte

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Hi! I’m Henne (@frailfail) am

The whole community idea does not convince her completely anymore. The homogeneity of Instagram, the same same of many images, the unpredictable algorithm for posts and the many possibilities to cheat are downers. When the Instagram stories came out “my worldview got wracked – typical for Mark Zuckerberg I thought”. But in the meantime @frailfail loves to observe how people use the tool so differently: Igers love a static cam, private users just have fun, show more, move and narrate.


By the way Henriette is a packaging engineer, was born in Thüringen, grew up in East Berlin and had her first simple plastic camera as a small child. “A good photo is not composed by technique”, she is still persuaded. “More important are a good eye and an understanding for image composition”. Her own shots are more likely snapshots – “with the hand at the trigger when I aim for street photography.”


Henriettes most favourite Igers

@oh.ladyfox because the stewardess is into yoga, mindfulness and has great tracklists.
@heimatpottential because she is telling stories with depth and discovered travelling alone.