With his mobile photography exhibitions in the early 2000s he was avantgarde, he shot a dreamlike black-and-white album cover and his pet is called ‘Autobahn’. We met Moritz Otto for lunch in @umami_berlin, with Golden Chicks and Cola.

Instagram seems to be more or less history for him – “I am not taking it serious” – is the first surprising confession Moritz makes – “I spent 5 minutes each day on the app.” Wow, who would have thought so of an account with over 40k followers? Admittedly the likes are a bit low recently – that’s why we are quite suspicious beforehand the interview. But meeting the really down-to-earth Moritz makes all manipulation claims vanishing. He is on Instagram since 2010 – inspired by a colleague back then in his agency and drew his first blood with an atypical photo of Berlin Alexanderplatz. A few guys are running over the pavement, one of them with a guitar in his hand – the snapshot in black-and-white is perfect – and should be an album cover, one day.


In the course of time Moritz experimented with his account, going black-and-white or going colour sometimes. It’s mostly a very strong street photography among the photos, countless spontaneous snapshots, implying a good visual sense. And that’s it. Moritz grew up with a camera in his hand – very natural when your dad is a photographer. In the early times of Instagram Germany he got featured twice and the blubber of these boosts is there until today – it can’t matter less to the photographer.



As a design student in Aachen he experimented in the early 2000s with the mobile camera of his Sony smartphone – and in 2004 exhibited his blown up photos of telephone booths and a year later takes from a thrown up smartphone. The lust for experiment brought him together with EyeEM in 2010, where he was featured on the blog before even the app existed. He seems to be always a step ahead.

Meanwhile the web designer lives with his family in Zehlendorf in a romantic coach house. His postcard with Pickmotion captures the peaceful setting – on it, the tomcat ‘Autobahn’ from behind how he is squinting into the sunlight. He was shifted from London to Berlin – and his Kraftwerk-sister Komet moved to Paris. Moritz has a shed on site where he builds furniture for his son and chaos is allowed. While his photos express concentration and focusing – “I love to be chaotic – and I am merely part time minimalist.”

Moritz’ favourite igers: