He is a famous fashionista on Instagram and youtube. He loves going by car. He is an awarded most dog-like cat. Meet Poonchic, the 3 year old Siamese Himalayan mix from California – and his photographer Binazir, who answered a few questions for us.

Poonchic is one of many pet stars on Instagram. How did his personal story with Instagram start?
He was adopted into an artistic family. I’m a pet photographer and found Poonchic a great subject to photograph. He enjoys posing for camera and surprised us all by his love of going on car rides.

I have a cat myself and it’s a mystery for me, how you dress and stage your cat…?
Easy, he is a very quiet cat, generally sits still and likes being in front of camera so knows when its dressing up time and soon will be photographed.

Does Poonchic likes to be photographed (I am sure he likes to be in the centre of attention) and how do you know?
I call him, he knows if I am holding the camera it means he needs to sit still for few minutes. Waits for the sound of the shutter and changes he pose to another one right after.

What’s his favourite outfit?
His blue wig and Hawaiian shirt.

Can you describe Poonchics personality for our readers?
A gentleman who enjoys to be the centre of attention. Mr Perfect.

What’s the next step in the career of Poonchic?
Hopefully he will be recognized as menswear cat, he enjoys modeling so a couple of celebrity photoshoots would be wonderful.

How does he like to be sent all around the world on a postcard very soon?
His ambition is for people to know about his love of cars and dressing up all over the world so the more attention the happier he will be.