At first when he started to study “information & communication engineering” he could have never dreamed of a life as a photographer travelling around Germany. Thai also known as @loewe7 on Instagram already assisted a wedding photographer back in Hanoi – and also Germany the place where he studied was kind of predetermined. Both of his parents lived in the GDR for a few years working as guest workers. “My parents encouraged me to study in Germany”, Thai says.

Via the Iphone @loewe7 discovered Instagram and therefore photography. He participated at the biggest Instameet in Europe more or less by chance as he did an internship in Berlin at that time. This coincidence led to being more active on Instagram and to embrace the platform. Since 2015 he became a regular guest on walks, he travelled to Hamburg, Frankfurt and Hannover while constantly posting pictures on his account.

@loewe7’s style is dominated by a look for photogenic urban locations. He often places friends or random people passing by next to it to get an idea of the scale. Strong colours characterized a lot of his photos; some others are oriented towards the masculine minimal ideal, always with clear lines and light and shadow compositions. He does find iconic places in a city far away from the typical famous landmarks.

Meanwhile he is one of the photographers for Samsung. Even if he does test the products of Samsung and Canon regularly he tries not to disappear into the shoals of the platform. Instead he picks his orders carefully for example the travels for the tourist office in Norderney or for the Soho hotel. Thai is editing his pictures with different apps like Vsco, Snapseed and Skrwt. “Each morning I edit my photos for one hour.”

Thai describes himself as a “Hanoi-Soul”. He loves the loud bubbly atmosphere of the metropolitan region where it would be hard to catch the emptiness he shows in his German photos. Oddly enough he finds some similarities of the two cities Berlin and Hanoi: sometimes the big Vietnamese community, the diversity and the communistic past are a calming effects to help getting over homesickness. Only every two years @loewe7 flies back to his hometown and yes there is really somewhat of the urban minimalism to be found in the sporadic dream pictures from Vietnam.

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