José Pinheiro aka @o_pinheirojose didn’t become part of our Instagram community for no reason! His pictures are fun, thoughtful and imaginative. He impresses us with his ideas and mix of illustration and photography. We are very pleased that he took his time to answer some of our questions:


Please introduce yourself shortly.
I’m José and I am 27 years old. I live in a small town called Amarante close to Porto (amazing city!). I’m a graphic designer and illustrator, in love with creative photography, sometimes I am a teacher too.

When did you start to take photos?
I started when I was in Highschool and got my first phone with a nice camera as a birthday gift. I started to take pictures and after some time I got my first camera, so my passion about photography grew more and more.


When and how did you start with Instagram?
I started my Instagram in 2013 although at the beginning I just used my accont to see the others Instagrammers. But after a while I started to post my own pictures and it was like my passion was reawakened. From the beginning until now my feed changed a lot, I needed some time to define my own style.
When I started, I never imagined that Instagram was going to be so important in my daily life!
I was taking it more and more seriously, it made me think carefully about all the posts and became a demanding work for me.

What is your favorite thing about Instagram?
I love a lot of things about Instagram.
Firstly the opportunity to show my work to a lot of people and to get their feedback in the comments. Instagram is also a great place to find inspiration every day, because you can see a lot of different pictures in different styles, from all over the world.
The other thing I really love is the opportunity to meet new people, not only from my country but from a lot of other countries, I was able to make new friends and discover new cultures. For example at Insta Meet-ups, it is so interesting to get to know the people you follow on Instagram. Sometimes it’s really funny because it is such a surprise!

Your 3 favourite Instagramers?
This question is really hard. I am a fan of so many different people. There is so much talent on Instagram, so for everyone who is looking for new amazing streams just check out the people I follow on Instagram.