Kim, your stream is colorful, positive, minimalistic and full of funny ideas – where do your photos come from – are they a byproduct of a creative profession or are you earning your living with Instagram?

My Instagram is pretty much all for fun. I have had the opportunity to work with a few companies to promote their products via IG but mostly it is just a goofy past-time and a way to be creative! I really love to make people happy and my feed is a reflection of that, all color and light and lots of silliness!

One of your images we feature for a postcard shows your dog, masked as superman. Tell me something more about this guy who appears in lots of your photos – and how it is shooting with an animal…

Nimbus is a rescue dog our family brought home 5 years ago. When I really got started on participating in some photo challenges on IG I began using him as a model and came to realize that he really loves to get his picture taken. He hears me get out the camera or set up a shot and he is right there ready to go. His gentle temperament has allowed us to explore the fun possibilities of dressing him up. That, and a healthy dose of yummy treats- his reward for posing like I ask him to!

Where do you live and does this have any impact on your work?

I live in a somewhat rural town in Southern California. We have a lot of access to nature around us, and I definitely would say that has influenced my photographs. The sun shines a lot here, and that light finds a way into every single picture I take.

How do you get the ideas for new images and where to you take your photos?

I love to make people laugh so I am always thinking of something that may be a bit quirky for an image.  I like puns and word play so I try to throw that kind of thing in too. I bake a lot and use food as props for my photos all the time. Nature astounds me every single day and I get so inspired by her colors and shapes.

You give a lot of life advice in your images and comments – what kind of a person are you and is that to be seen on the photos?

I really believe in the power of having a positive outlook, and how that  can impact your life. I am an eternal optimist, and I think that really shows in my photos. I try to add inspiring quotes and texts to my photos in hopes that I can buoy up others and make people really think about the good in life. I like to imagine my images are hugs to the world.

You talk about “The sweet serenety of books” in one of your comments – are you a reader?

I have a deep love of words. I make the time to read every single day. I love to read more than I love chocolate, and I love chocolate a lot!

When you started Instagram in 2012 could you imagine to be as successful in sharing photos?

When I started IG back in 2012 it was because our teenage children were using it and I wanted to be able to monitor what they were doing. Its funny to look back and see the progression of my style and abilities as time has passed. I truly had no idea that it would turn out how it has. I am finding how much others respond to the positive messages I post,  and it makes my heart happy to know that all over the world people are smiling because of a photo I put up on Instagram!

What does the community mean to you?

I am lucky to have made IG friends from all over the world. I love seeing how they see the world, how they live, how they love, and how we are all individuals with amazing stories to tell.

How do you use Instagram in your daily life? Is it a source of inspiration for you?

Definitely Instagram is a source of inspiration for me. There are photos that make you think, photos that touch your heart, photos that make you laugh out loud. There is so much creativity out there and so much life!

What advice would you give to young photographers?

What I would say to young photographers would be to take lots of pictures and enjoy the process. Some days you may not be inspired or that shot may not work out like you had planned in your head, so you have to be flexible and not afraid to change course halfway through. Some of my best ideas have come out of situations like that. Just don’t be afraid to try anything and most of all be yourself!

The sun seems to shine on every photo of yours – what are you doing on a day with bad mood?

I have always worked  to cultivate a positive outlook in my life, and a belief that things always turn out alright. I try to not let a whole day be a bad day, because I think that even in the midst of something painful or hurtful you can find beauty if you only look. There is a quote that goes – the blue of the sky is always larger than the cloud. I want to bring that blue sky to forefront and let the clouds fade away!

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