She is a specialist for roll film cameras, is a francophile, and loves the change of perspective when she communicates through her Instagram alter ego- was a total surprise- we didn’t know how she would look (nice and likeable), how old she would be (a little bit more mature than we originally thought) and what her real name was (simply Andrea).

Since can remember, photography was always a part of her. With a roll film camera, that originally belonged to her grandmother, she went on photography tours with her childhood friend- #Instawalks are old news for her. In her college years and later as a language teacher in Paris, it was always the walks, that helped her keep her balance in her personal life- as a counterpol to the world of learning and thinking in her job as a professor and teacher.


Valentine in #berlin

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Anni ( am

Andrea has lived in Berlin since 1999 and is -besides her yearly winter blues- very happy in the city. There are a few connecting themes on her Instagram account- the play with shadows, a lot of blue skies (as much as possible) and, in her own words, „old men in windows“-„you have to take a closer look at my pictures, even if that’s not seasonable in this day and age- and i want to break with old habits of seeing the world,“ she says.


Shadows in love 💛

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Anni ( am uses Instagram only for #latergrams, that she took with her digital camera. In comparison to her roll film camera days, Andrea appreciates the freedom of taking hundreds of pictures with her digital camera- „but most of the time the best picture of one motive is still one of the first three pictures I take!“ She precisely chooses the pictures, edits them, and… keeps a lot of her treasures to herself and her friends.


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Anni ( am

The best opportunity to tap the full potential of photography and to indulge in her passion for Street Photography often unfolds in Andrea’s travels- and she has a special interest in Eastern Europe.That’s why she traveled to Romania, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, and the Kosovo. „I want to find something beautiful in decay,“ she says and adds: „Places where the masses go, I usually try to avoid.“