It’s always charming to learn more about our photographers. This time, we asked @in_somnia_ a few questions and found out exactly what inspires her, the music she loves, how graphic design shaped her style and the places on her travelling wishlist. Here it is, to inspire us too.

Hello, Judith. Glad to finally get to know you. Let’s start with the basics

Which is your hometown? Has it been an inspiration for your photos?

I was born and I live in Barcelona, a city with a lot of art and design culture. I studied graphic design, but soon realised that the subject I was most attracted to was photography, and I chose it for 3 years. My first photos were made with a Nikon F60 analogue reflex camera and soon my curiosity made me want to experiment with other cameras such as Holga, Diana, Polaroid… these cams allowed me to play more with light, colours and create double or multiple exposures.

Is your daily job related to photography? Does it influence the way you look at things outside your work projects?

The first years I worked for some advertising agency and design studios, but soon I realized that I was not satisfied with it and for 4 years now I have dedicated myself completely to photography (my great passion) and working together with various brands, developing creative ideas and personal projects that allow me to grow personally and professionally.

Your photos are often so magically minimal. When did you learn photography and do you think minimalism is a personal approach or can it be taught?

I think that my minimalist vision is a result of my graphic design studies, I learned to look at things in more detail and to observe what surrounded me in a different way, creating a language more and more of my own that I feel very comfortable with and I can identify myself with.

Doubtlessly, I believe that everything or almost everything can be learned, educating the look to an artistic style that reduces to a minimum its forms of expression.

Your very first image on Instagram shows your collection of cameras. Do you shoot film still? Also instant photography? How often?

As I mentioned, my first steps in photography were more analogue, and over the years I have been expanding my collection of cameras. But it is true, that with the digital era I have been dropping it, but it is something that I would like to take up again soon because it is another world where you can play more, totally experimental and intuitive. The light and the color are perhaps the aspects of the photography that interest me the most.

How do you relate to the Instagram network and community? Did it change over the years? Any IGers that became close friends?

This spring it will be 5 years since I have landed in this great community and I have to say, that right from the beginning I was impressed by the way people interact and the easiness of having contact with others from all over the world with so different styles but so similar at the same time.

Of course there have been changes, some for the better and others that I liked less, but all changes serve to grow and change.

One of the best things that Instagram has is the closeness and the wonderful people that I have met. There are some friendships that are growing, although with some I have not been able to meet in person yet because of the distance, but I hope to meet them someday.

A recurrent motif in your feed are photos of bird formations. What do you like most about birds?

Hehe…Ay! My dear birdies 

I started watching and falling in love with them when I started with analogue photography almost 20 years ago! They give me a lot of peace and freedom by watching them. Regarding the aesthetics, I find extremely beautiful the forms created by the moving flocks.

The colours of your images are such amazing pastels. Is it a lot of editing or is it the light?

Aww!! Thank you so much for the compliment. Another subject that I love most is photo editing and I spend a lot of time retouching the images that I upload to my Instagram feed. Light and color are fundamental for me to communicate through photography.

You often have interesting quotations or song titles in your post captions. Do you have a favourite poet or author? What was the first song on your playlist today?

It’s true, most of my photos are accompanied by a note of some songwriter or poet. I have enough favorites to cite them all, but some of my favorite bands are: U2, The Smiths, Yan Tiersen, Explosions in the Sky, Moby, The Cure, Radiohead, Tame Impala. And poets and writers: Hermann Hesse, Miquel Martí i Pol, Nayyirah Waheed, Mario Benedetti

My song from today…Postcards from Italy from Beirut.

Any future plans, projects you want to do, future travelling on your list?

I would like to continue learning other fields of photography, which I don’t know yet and continue to develop creative projects. And my other great passion is travelling, uffff! I have a huge list of places that I would like to visit: Iceland, Brazil, Jordan, Chile, Vietnam, Route 66, New York and San Francisco, Namibia and the list goes on.. 😉

What about us, did you know about Pickmotion before we started our collaboration? How would you describe our postcards and magnets? Do you like sending postcards?

I first saw you in Instagram and I started to follow Pickmotion and your projects with Instagramers‘ photos in Polaroid format. I found the concept very interesting and fresh, I love the idea of greeting cards and make known different artists.

Absolutely, yes!!! I’m one of those who still write greeting cards/postcard and I love to not forget this tradition.

Do you print your photos or use them to decorate your home?

A little bit of everything.

I put on sale several limited photo series on different platforms. In my home, you can see some of my own stuff, but mainly, works of other artists: illustrators and photographers that I admire.

Finally, we also want to know what is most inspiring to you. Give us three IG accounts that you would totally recommend following.

I am inspired by those Instagramers whose work transmit sensitivity, passion, creativity, light and colour. Some accounts that I fell in love with: Caroline South, Yosigo, Conni Koscina.

Thank you so much!