In a café in Kreuzberg, the white dog Sheila makes herself comfortable on the wooden floor, Antje aka @aladiia drinks a big milk coffee and starts to tell me how it started with her and the photography. “My husband is a photographer and I am a graphic artist. I used to assist him a lot. When my son went to Norway for a few weeks and he missed Sheila, I ask my husband if he could take a few pictures of her. He just said:‘ Isn’t there this app.’ that was my start with photography.”

Sheila left the animal shelter when she was one and a half years old. Now she is four and she is still a big part of the stream of Antje. She says:” Sheila is one of my biggest inspiration. To take photos for her and mainly with her is again and again a big adventure. Luckily she has no idea how famous she is. The treats are better anyway.” Antje prepares the set for the photos carefully before she quickly takes 10 to 15 photos. There are a few tricks though. For example the word “Frisbee” (her favourite game) leads to a funny head movement. But like the yawning, there are also a lot of things happening by chance.

The Samsung Snap shooter who was already in Ireland for Samsung, tried out a lot of different of styles in her gallery – first of all there were the walks with Sheila in black and white. Then the pictures with the red umbrella became independent and were featured in Spiegel. “I see myself in good company on Instagram- a lot of successful pictures don’t come from conventional photographers. I see lines because I am a graphic artist. I see different things then a photographer or a portraitist.”

>Antje loves the mobile photography because of its limitedness. “ It is the art to play with what you got.” For years she watched how Instagram influenced, became the outrider for trends and people started to network around the world. “How does Japanese, Americans, French and Spanish people see the world? – Getting to know people as crazy as me that is Instagram for me!” Obviously she is planning a new dreamy and faboulos series with Sheila and an umbrella (no more details) despite the reduction of Likes and the strongly promoted video content.

@aladiia’s favourites

” I love the pictures where you can see that the photographer thought about the composition. I don’t care how many follower the account has, the most important thing is that they attract me.

@uwa2000 with her melancholic photography,
@palomaparrot with her amazing minimalistic photos,
@shineonyoucraydiamond for her creative ideas
@dieseensucht with her lovely dog and her knitting and
@jn with the versatile feed, admirably.”