I guess I wasn’t the only one being really impressed and kind of proud to be a woman on the 21 of January. All over the world people assembled to protest for human rights, especially woman rights – and against Trump. These peaceful demonstrations gave back the believe in the good side of humans you could really feel the hope and the solidarity. Let’s all stand up and fight for everybody’s rights, together we can make a difference. This post is dedicated to all strong woman, keep on putting the positiv energy out there! Here are a few impressions:
#womensmarch #ourbodies #ourchoices #pussygrabsback

Proud to be a woman. #womensmarchberlin #womensmarchonwashington #proud #stickingtogether #sadIcouldntcome #action #nojusticenopeace #regram

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Women from @alongwalkhome at the #womensmarch yesterday in DC. ✊🏾✊🏾 #americaisblack

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250,000 and counting take the streets of NYC in solidarity. He will not divide us.

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