Hi, everyone I quickly introduce myself again. I am Annika (@annikapyhrr). I am constantly searching for beautiful pictures on instagram for our postcards and always on the hunt for new hashtags, projects, people and so on…

…and now I am also doing this monthly column! Presenting you my picks of favourite Instagram accounts, the coolest pictures, actual themes or exhibitions and other interesting things happening right now – to keep us all updated!

This months it was all about art for me personally (not only because I started my art history studies). I discovered that Instagram is not only used to share photography but also your paintings, drawings, designs and all other kind of art. Discovering a lot of amazing accounts on Instagram featuring different artists was one highlight for me. (For instance @artpsycho,@artxdesign, @taxcollection, @love.watts) The other one was watching two movies about some of my favourite artist. “Cézanne et moi” and “Egon Schiele”. Both didn’t fail to impress me!

What’s on?

Movie: Egon Schiele – Tod und Mädchen (Trailer)
An Austrian movie about the artist Egon Schiele and his muses.

Death and the Maiden. Egon Shiele, 1915. #egonschiele #expressionism #arthistory

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Berlin Art Prize at Kühlhaus Sanderstraße 3, 12047 Berlin
Until the tenth of December the exhibition shows nine nominated artist from Berlin. The award is on the tenth of December.

Photo of the month:

He uses his Instagram account as platform for his art pieces. Amazing colors all over the feed!

Instagram account of the month:

She is amazing fashion/portrait photographer and world traveler.

Hashtag of the month: #itisartime

If you are passionated about art, have a look at this hashtag and the matching feature account!

Powerful pink eruption by Filip Hodas @hoodass 😊🗻 #itisartime

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