All this sun makes us look for cheap flight tickets and get away, away.

Perhaps all you need is get some comfortable shoes on, a map, a pile of energy bars and you are ready to explore Peruvian lands in South America, hiking the Inca trail, see the lake Titicaca and the 120 islands that were built by people to hide from being conquered. Also alpacas! the cutest thing ever, but I wouldn’t say that out loud, llamas might get jealous.

Maybe you are stuck in front of your work-desk and all you want from life next week is digging your toes in golden sparkling sand and sipping on cold lemonade, ice cubes clunking around in your glass, watching the blue line where the sea blends in with the waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

Or maybe, none of the above, you are the nomad type. You just pack up a tent and drive where the road leads to, catch the sunrise by the lake, enjoy mornings in a forest, drive on again, stop for icecream, while The Smiths are playing in the radio.

We have asked around in the office, to hear about summer plans of Pickmotion’s team members and guess what: watching Palermo Shooting creates appetite to visit Palermo, with Arcade Fire in the headphones; One of us would do train trips through Europe; always packing Ohropax, “Sicilian Short Stories” for summer readings, while another one would not leave for holiday without a sketchbook and a hat, looking for good weather and good food, no big cities. Iceland is on someone’s wish-list for the fjords and the northern lights, while everybody agreed they cannot give up the sea; unless it’s cliffs on the shore so they can have both.

You? Where would you go and why? Always a map in your hands? Favorite song for travelling? Share your summer vibes with us and send us one of your all-time treasured summer photos. We would love to see! We might put it on display, because we are officially opening our Berlin office soon ♡

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