The European Month of Photography EMOP stops by in Berlin this October with 130 exhibitions! The Pickmotion team is there for sure – enjoy part II of our #pickmotion_picks.

Learning from the very best

It’s such a joy each and every year visiting the Ostkreuz school of photography’s graduate’s final exhibition. Alway highly promising talents at pittoresque temporary places, always in the tradition of their popular teachers (Arno Fischer and Ute Mahler among them). What I found especially fascinating this time: the subject of the german-polish border (Alexander Paul Brandes), photo stories from the east of Europe (Ukraine: Aljoscha Redenius, Hungary: Klaus Richter), sociological topics (How is a family supposed to look like?: Carolin Ubl, Berlin boxers: Jelka von Langen) and photos arranged as complex collages (Jagd: Magali Fuhs-Balster, Karachi: Pablo Lauf). With 26 photographers exhibiting everyone will find their personal highlight.

Bottom line: A high quality graduate’s exhibition of the new photo talents in a congenial space.

ZEHN. Graduate’s exhibition of the
Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie
Luckwalder Straße 3
until 18. Oktober
12-21 Uhr

Coverfoto from @jonas_k_aus_b