Pastel Power!

our #postcardsofthemonth


Soft, vivid, and yet noble – we love pastel colours because the delicate hues provide a good mood and are a real feast for the eyes. For this reason, we dedicate this #postcardofthemonth to pastel colours and want to show you what power these delicate colours carry in themselves!


Good Vibes in Pastel! With a colourful confetti shower and soft pastel shades, every party turns into a blast! Delicate green and yellow hues in our set “Confetti shower” set the direction, while the lovingly illustrated images show how the next celebration can get started. The golden highlights bestow our postcards with some extra gloss and are thus perfect for chic birthday parties or the warmest regards for any other occasion.

MP-0577-DE, MP-0545-DE, MP-0673-DE, MP-0599-DE, MP-0674-DE, MP-0651-DE, MP-0677-DE, MP-0653-DE

Simply enjoying the day with some delicious candy and tasty drinks – it does not always have to take much to turn a day into something special. With or without an occasion, our set of folded cards “Queen of the Day” is perfect for those moments when you just want to cosy up with your best friends and toast to yourselves!

MP-0431-EN-KK, MP-0534-DE-KK

Light blue sky, delicately coloured petals, or colourful rainbows – nature presents itself in the most beautiful colour combinations in pastel and shows us what works together! The colourful variations of the flower and animal world are inspiring and makes us want to fill our life with more colours as well. Our bookmarks along with their beautiful motifs in pastel shades also prove: “Life is colourful!” – just like you are!

PS-0155-DE, PS-0190-DE, PS-0143-DE, PS-0144-DE, PS-0157-DE

Pastel colours simply make our hearts blossom! This is why you can find these and even more wonderful motifs in the prettiest pastel shades in our online shop. Take a look and convince yourself!