This month a lot was going on – Carnival, Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day and the Chinese New Year; many occasions to celebrate. In this spirit we organised our Open Call #celebrationpicks and asked you to tag your best pictures fitting to the theme and with a bit of luck your photo could end up on one of our products.

cover photo: kuchale

The submissions are as diverse as the occasions to celebrate. There is quite everything among our selection – from a bouquet of flowers to small chocolate marshmallow creatures and a tape with the soundtrack of a wonderful life through to fireworks and champagne bottle opening cats. There is a lot to celebrate and it does not always have to be the big things in life, no, every other ‘normal’ day and every other small knickknack contains the potential to be celebrated. So don’t miss our randomly arranged Top20 #celebrationpicks and get some inspiration to celebrate.