Carnival, Mardi Gras and other parties – this month is full of celebrations all over the world. Fancy costumes, cool parties and a lot of fun of course. In Berlin those celebrations are not that big but here in the capital party is going on all the time.

cover photo: ohshinypaperco

For all those of you who love to organize or celebrate parties – from the kids birthday party, through wedding to theme parties for your pets – we have a small selection of some of the best party accounts on Instagram. Get inspired so that your next party definitely will be a thrill!

For amyshamblen every day seems to be a small party. Of course the most she likes to celebrate with her Shih Tzu dog Wrangler.

Our four-legged friends definitely also like to throw parties. A dog wedding is quite a special occasion. This celebration was equipped by ohhappydaypartyshop and photographed by shelbyraephotographs.

After the party is before the party. mylittleday is celebrating every day anew because there is always a reason to have a party!

It might happen that you have too much fun at a balloon party. Almost surreal pink! letsparty_event is a true artist when it comes to the decoration of your festive location with balloons.

“It is what it is” – party until you topple down with the ballons for every occasion by northstarballoons photographed by the creative party account ohhappyday.

Certainly the exceptional party snack should not be missing! How about some ice cream tacos at your next celebration? letspartynva definitely has some ideas for you!

ohshinypaperco are not just dreaming like in the cover photo, no, they also like to party! And they really love to take the incredible balloons from northstarballoons everywhere they go.

Balloons falling from the sky at the end of a party is a beautiful spectacle and a lot of fun for everyone who experiences it. balloonzilla makes it possible!

You also have some party pictures you want to share with us? Then go! This month we have an Open Call with the hashtag #celebrationpicks. So tag your photographs and have a chance to end up on one of our cards.