Darkness – fear or fascination? The winter offers us just a few hours of sun and all the more long perceived nights. And today we are interested in exactly that, the darkness, the night. It has not always to be the winter nights, no, in general a lot is happening in the world after sunset and you can discover a lot of very special and individual beauties – in the urban environment as well as in the nature. Here we have a small selection of fascinating and atmospheric pictures of photographers who do not dread the night.

At night in the city it is meanwhile impossible to imagine darkness. All the light sources in this long exposure by @antoniocastello in Madrid really create a spectacle of light with the black of the night as a background.

Long exposures and night photography are almost inextricably entwined with each other. Very impressive plays of light appear on urban highways like here in Shanghai, photographed by iamclongleung.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von BamM (@bamm1987) am

But even without long exposures it is possible to capture a stunning atmosphere at night. bamm1987 provides fascinating insights into the urban nightlife of Taichung in Taiwan.

City, night and photography – what should not be missing? Neon signs of course. idrowninlight photographed the Babylon sign in a rainy night with a very interesting double reflection.

Even a crossroad with traffic lights at night can turn into a minimalistic but appealing scenery. jens_ochlich creates with this photograph an almost unreal appearing atmosphere.

Through a rural road at night we go out in the nature. For this picture sandrokatalina has decided for a very interesting perspective to capture the lights of the passing by cars.

A lonely road, fog and the dimmed light of a street lamp create a very creepy atmosphere in this image by jason_mc_carthy. What might be waiting at the end of this road?

Out there in the sweep of the Alabama Hills cecphotos captured the Milky Way in this breathtaking way. Who is not dreaming of taking such a picture.

Up high in the north where the nights are very long you can see the fascinating spectacle of the polar lights. dreamingandwandering photographed this incredible colourful view in the woods of Manitoba.

Iceland, a country full of mysticism and very impressive landscapes. This nightly long exposure by torivarnaess at the coast of Iceland seems like a portrayal of a fantasy world or from another planet.

We hope to inspire you a bit for night photography with this small but special selection. If you follow us on Instagram and participate in the current monthly challenge #fresh_start_in_january you have a chance to win a Night Photography Workshop led by @antoniocastello.