@vispalberlin aka Jolanta Paliszewska is not only impressing us with her amazing photos mostly from Berlin, but also 18,4k followers. At the moment she is on a trip around Japan and we asked her to tell us about her experiences in Tokyo:

“Just to introduce myself: My name is Jolanta, I am 26 years young and I am deaf. I am studying Interfacedesign for two years now at the University  Potsdam. I do travel a lot between Berlin and Potsdam. In my free time I love to ride the bicycle especially in the springtime. Most of my pictures are taken with my phone but I also take pictures with a real camera. Photography has been a thing for me since my teenager time. It has always been a hobby. 2012 I discovered Instagram and I fell totally in love with it. Now I didn’t had to take my heavy camera but instead I could easily take pictures with my phone, upload them straight and share them with awesome people. At any time I could take a photo spontaneously since then.

My first trip to Asia:

I am staying in Tokyo with my boyfriend for four weeks. We definitely want to discover and experience the Japanese culture, because it is so different to what we now. We decided to stay a bit longer to experience real Japanese moments.

When I was little I always imagined Japan to be such a High Tech country. And I am still fascinated by this world. The moderne technology is so versatile and at the same time rich in tradition and culture.

Sightseeing isn’t that important, because around each corner I find something special. At the beginning I walked through the streets, took the underground and explored the supermarket to get to know the area.

Two weeks have passed since I am here and I have to say I love this city! It is giant and there are so many people but still it is organized and clean. Japanese people are so polite, respectful and helpful. I’ve never experienced something like that in Germany or even in Europe.

Furthermore you get the impression that there are nearly no cars around here although more than 30 million people are living here. Unbelievable!

Sometimes it is really hard to take a photo because it is so busy…especially in the quarter Shibuya having the pedestrian crossing with thousands of people.  I tried to capture this moment on camera but it was impossible to stop at the first time so this blurry photo is the result. This incident will always be in my mind.

I even visited some cities around Tokyo. Especially fascinating for me was the small old town Kamakura also known as Small-Kyoto. I was enchanted by the massive wonderful bamboo.

My trip lasts until the first of April. I am so excited what else I can expect, thrilled about what I am going to experience and open minded to all surprises!