Even her Instagram nickname has a very personal but slightly morbid story to it. One of Saskia Bauermeisters first assistent jobs was to film a funeral: “I was standing on somebody’s grave called ‘Hedwig’. This name was stuck in my mind ever since.”  So she happened to name her account @oh_hedwig, one of the most authentic & homely ones on Instagram.

Before becoming a photographer she took a little detour and started an apprenticeship to become a physiotherapist. She soon realized that it’s not really her thing and dropped out: “All of a sudden I was more interested in photography than in muscles and bones.” Finally, she received a professional training at a photography agency where she had to shoot three weddings per week – that’s where the passion for this genre grew.

Initially, Instagram was one of @oh_hedwig’s tools for inspiration and creativity. “About two years ago I lost my creativity, I didn’t know what to do about it.” She started posting a photo each day of beautiful things surrounding her in everyday life, and continues this task until today, which makes her feed loke like a photo diary. Of course she takes staged photos but keeps the authenticity alive. “I don’t go to fancy cafés just to take a nice shot for Instagram”, she says. Instead, Saskia prefers to put her thoughts and ideas into practice, to drive to the warehouse and build a shelf.

The photographer, who grew up in a small town near Magdeburg, very often works with the natural light coming in through her window, because her flat in Berlin is fairly dark. Saskia also takes a lot of photos in and around her bed, another motif she regularly puts into focus is her red hair.

Now, she receives a number of orders through Instagram – @oh_hedwig picks only what suits her though – promotion for companies like Piper and Hanser, her first lifestyle shooting for Esprit, a job with Microsoft. “I need variety and some thrill”, she comments the list of clients. She is selecting carefully, because “my Instagram account is everything to me.”

For two years now, Saskia works as a self-employed photographer – and doesn’t regret it at all: “It was the best step I could’ve taken.” She already has a good amount of bookings for this summer’s wedding season – her motto: “It has to be real! I hate to tell the couple how to pose. I prefer to just let them do their own thing instead.”

On Valentine’s weekend Saskia is taking over our IG gallery and tells a little love story.
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