Salt on your lips, the wind in your hair, sun on your face.

Dark Clouds, a gloomy horizon, a natural force. It limits continents, covers the biggest part of the planet. The sea. Now you can dip in Instagramphotos that show all personalities of the ocean, fitting to our monthly challenge this june #betweentheblues .

You can read about the places you’ll crave to visit in your summerholidays.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von CAROLIN (@carojacona) am

carojacona  awakes pictures of a past by giving sailing the spotlight at the coast of Corfu.

A photo made by nathaliec136 reveals little waves creating foam at Durban, South Africa seashore that feels like home because of the gorgeous lighthouse.

The German shore could be place too, seesuechtig gives us a more minimalistic picture. It’s the beachchair number 5 in Heiligendamm that lures to sit here. Also “behind it there is a pretty Trass with delicious food, cocktails and relaxed music. I don’t know what else you need to finally pack your bag”, she says.

Ein von @meermusik geteilter Beitrag am

Another way to the sea at the edge of Germany is the North Sea. Here, exactly in Sankt Peter Ording found meermusik light sand, a lightblue sky, a gone ocean. It’s just a matter of time until it will come back but till then you can see couples taking a walk and families flying a kite.

Ston in Croatia offers a clear sea. The view through the window of a ship is shot by fraeuleinfu. Her words promise: “s a l t w a t e r ūüĆä – the cure for anything”.

costarica hides magical places. One was explored by mctoro_o A moody character of the sea, watched from a calm place, a swing between your own thoughts and a vacation for your soul.

francescabonomi travelled to Italy. She captured in Sant’Ant√¨oco, Sardegna bright light, fordable water, just waiting for something to happen.

As katetheo79 demonstrates us. A picture of a fantastic place, located in the depth of her imagination.

Now jump in the sea, take photos and show us through #betweentheblues what beauties you’ll find. We are excited followers of your adventures!