She loves photography, coffee, and good food. Today we present to you our always friendly and charming globetrotter Valentina.

She has been in Berlin for 5 years and finally joined our PICKMOTION team in mid-February. Today we introduce you to Valentina, our assistant in the Photography Artist Relations department. If you’ve ever wondered how we find all our cool Instagram photos, today you’ll find out. Valentina’s main task is the sourcing of potential pictures, besides that she also takes care of the contracts with our photographers.

Born and raised in Virginia (USA), at the age of 11 she moved with her mother to a small spa town in Germany known as Bad Kreuznach. After graduating from high-school, she moved on to London. At UAL (University of the Arts London – London College of Communications) she graduated with a diploma in Graphic Design. afterward, Valentina studied a Bachelor in Photographic Arts at the renowned University of Westminster. She spent the last two semesters of her studies studying long-distance from Northern Ireland. After her bachelor’s degree, she worked in Northern Ireland and Brussels before moving to Berlin in the summer of 2014. As part of a photographic artist residency, Valentina came here for the first time on a professional basis in 2013 and immediately fell in love with the diversity of art and culture that Berlin has to offer.

It is no secret that photography is a big part of Valentina’s life. She developed an interest in fashion design early on as a teenager, which eventually led her to pursue fashion photography.
A perfect day for Valentina starts with a breakfast in a foreign city, which she can explore with her camera afterward. “Live every day as if it were your last!” is a motto that always reminds her to appreciate the little things in life. She thinks it motivates people to do more good, starting with small gestures on a daily basis.

When Valentina is not photographing or working, she is a huge American-Sports fan. Her favourite sports include lacrosse and bowling. She also loves watching baseball. Besides sports, she loves to go to art exhibitions in order to keep up with the latest visual trends. If time permits, Valentina also likes to keep exploring Berlin, because there are still many places she wants to discover. Of course, her dog Winona should not be missing, or her camera.

Her dream holiday is to go to Japan. Valentina is very fond of the culture there. The practicing Buddhist not only wants to enjoy the great food there and admire the unique landscapes but also discover the roots of her religion.

Should Valentina emigrate one day, she would not have to think twice. Her answer would clearly be the United States of America. She has family in America but that is not the only reason. She describes herself as a huge fan of the American visual language. Both her favourite films and her favourite photographers come from the States. A city of her choice would be Chicago where her brother and her only nephew live. It’s also a great city for Indie Music and Jazz, her favorites. The USA also has a lot to offer in the way of landscape photography, as well as for hiking and road trips.

Her favourite card is the ZG-0811 (created with @kimgenevieve) because she thinks that you should always hold on to your dreams and keep developing new ones. We are very happy to welcome Valentina as an assistant in the Artist relations department to our PICKMOTION family.