She is the one we all talk to but now it’s time to talk about her – meet the latest in the team, the lady in HR: Ulrike.

Ulrike is a native to the outskirts of Berlin and grew up in Rüdersdorf. She studied administrative studies here in Berlin and soon embarked on the direction of human resources. What she likes so much about HR is the combination of being in contact with many exciting people and their stories and the administrative work, as she also likes to bury herself deliberately behind her computer from time to time. Having gained a wealth of experience in a start-up, at the Bureau for Employment and at the online marketplace Wimdu, she is now looking forward to the exciting field of tasks at PICKMOTION.

Her favourite place in Berlin is, luckily, also her home: Karlshorst, which she lovingly describes as a village in the city. Here, she finds the perfect balance between peace and turmoil. Ulrike can hardly imagine ever moving away. In her spare time, she enjoys using Berlin’s various possibilities for leisure activities, trying out new restaurants or enjoying the green of the city together with her daughter and Labrador Hemingway.

However, should she ever move away from Berlin, Ulrike would move to New York where she did an internship at the National Association of Mother’s Centers when she was 24. A time that shaped her a lot and made her fall in love with the Big Apple. The atmosphere, the colourful life in the many different districts and the impressive architecture of the skyscraper jungle – all these are things that have enchanted her. In general, she is a big fan of the United States and thus it’s only natural her favourite holiday ever was her honeymoon trip through the southern states.

Still, she also likes to marvel at all the wonders Europe has to offer, visiting all the beautiful cities with her family. Being on the road, exploring, that’s her thing; lying lazily at the beach, not so much – because that’s not where the adventures await. Exciting things often come naturally, says Ulrike, if you dare to leave the beaten path. Rigid goals and too much determination on the other hand, only keep you from enjoying life and its many wonderful moments to the fullest.

This philosophy of happiness is also reflected in her favourite card, ZG-0303-EN, designed with @runnerkimhall.