Our new intern in graphic design is called Tina: a cheerful and adventurous spirit, who loves to travel, get to know new things and has a big passion for graphic design!


Tina was born and raised in Jordan’s capital city Amman but moved to Germany last year in September to study abroad and work on her graduation project. At the moment, she lives in Trier and is able to support us from her home. Of course, she has also been to Berlin once and her favorite spot so far is the impressive Brandenburg Gate.

Tina describes herself as an adventurous person because one of her favorite things to do is traveling and meeting new people. This way, she is able to discover more about different cultures, beliefs and ways of life at first hand. She is also eager to learn new things by staying up to date with the newest design programs or by gathering experience from her working place. When she was looking for an internship, Tina stumbled upon PICKMOTION and immediately fell in love with our company and products. With us, she is able to face some new challenges while learning lots of new things which is very exciting for all of us!

If Tina could have a video of one moment of her life, she would pick the day she graduated from school. While it was a meaningful day of accomplishment, she could now look back at it and know that what follows next is a wonderful time of studying her passion. Tina’s mantra which drives her every day is the saying “Consistency is key”. That is because she knows that every small step will add up eventually and help her achieve her dreams. With that energy, it is no wonder that her family and friend would describe Tina as hardworking, outgoing and creative and we could not agree more!

Her favorite motif on our PICKMOTION cards is (ZG-0709-EN) “Never give up!” which we created with @jonasloose_art. Why? Because Tina loves motivational cards which are playful, cheerful and joyful while also spreading some good vibes! We are so happy to welcome Tina’s creative and cheerful spirit in our team and are excited to see what will come next!