Happy mood, positive vibes and beautiful things – these are some of the facts Ricarda likes to be around and wants to share with the world. Together with PICKMOTION, she wants to carry out this mission and therefore supports us actively as the head of product development and graphic design.


Ricarda was born and raised in Berlin and just cannot let go of our beautiful capital city. Originally, she comes from the East of Berlin and she loves the rural area all around the Wuhle-Wanderweg as well as the lovely “Gardens of the World”. The greatest thing about it all is that she only needs 30 minutes to get from the beautiful greens to the lively city of Berlin. Plus, there are always comfy spots close to the water or a park where she can relax and calm down on the way. What else could you need?

Professionally, Ricarda has already gained a lot of experience in various printing companies and agencies. This involved a wide range of tasks, from campaigns to packaging. For now, she has been on the lookout for new challenges and found exactly what she wanted at PICKMOTION. From the very beginning, Ricarda felt in tune with our positive values and wants to support us actively in our mission to create happy moments that matter for everyone.

In her free time, Ricarda loves to be outside and doing all kinds of sports. Among other things, her heart beats for stand-up paddle, swimming, cycling, jogging, hiking and yoga – which altogether brings a good mixture of speeding up and slowing down everyday life. She also loves to take trips on her motorcycle or in her van with her husband. When outside, she is almost always accompanied by her dear dog Sammy, whom she took in some time ago and never wants to let go of again. If Ricarda could have one moment in her life as a video, she would choose the second day after adopting her dog. It was a moment full of gratitude in Sammy’s eyes, as he realized that he is now in a great place and will have an amazing time in his new home.

By the way, Ricarda’s favorite motif on one of our PICKMOTION cards is (ZG-0756-DE) “Meer geht immer” (engl.: “sea always works”), which we created with @humphreyandgrace. Why? Because Ricarda loves the sea and would always pick a little vacation at a beach over being nearby to mountains. We are so happy to welcome Ricarda to our team and are looking forward to her great ideas and realizations!