Our new intern in Sourcing & Artist Management loves to spend her time with photography and art. Keep reading to find out more about Polina and how she found her way to Pickmotion!


Polina was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia but has been living in Berlin since 2015. At first, she moved to Germany to study at the Academy of Illustration and Design and has now decided to stay in our beautiful city to further develop her career and skills. Her favorite spot in Berlin is in Kreuzberg, since it is filled with interesting places and cozy bars and just has this incredible atmosphere of creativity which Polina adores so much.

During her studies, Polina realized that she wanted to do more than just study her passion. So, she decided to take several courses for design and photography and gathered some experience as a photographer and editor in a magazine. When she received the opportunity to study in Berlin, she took the chance and completed her degree in Germany. Polina has a soft spot for Black and White photography and likes to work with analogue cameras. She is also very interested in art and loves to go to museums and exhibitions. Moreover, her fridge never misses a piece of cheese and ginger as well as some wine, which we think fits perfectly to her artistic attitude!

If Polina could have a moment of her life as a video she would pick her first year in Berlin because it was a time full of challenges and new things, but also a time of growing love for this city. Now, she is an important part of our PICKMOTION team and we are so excited to see what will come next! On a side note, Polina’s favorite motif is (ZG-0543-DE-KK) “Mut zum Träumen” (eng.: “Courage to dream”) which we have created with @j.diegoph because to her, being able to imagine and dream about the future are such important aspects of life. We are so happy to welcome Polina with her positive and joyful spirit and never want to stop dreaming with her!