The friendly Berlin native likes to go camping, exercises regularly, and loves listening to Metal music. At the same time she always stays down-to-earth, and calls herself „old school“. Meet our new colleague Nicole!

Nicole is a Berlin native through and through, and was brought up here. But when the hustle and bustle of the capital is too much for her, she likes to retreat to her mobile home in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. There, she has a camping pass all year around and returns as often as possible to her second home- and that since 25 years already. While she went camping with her family in the past, she now keeps the tradition alive on her own and lovingly calls her mobile home a „giant ship“. With it, she is extremely happy since it is a real luxury in comparison to her former camping years. She is definitely over the Iglo-tent-times and the Klappfix-era (Klappfix is a typical east german term, in the West you call it Faltcaravan, Nicole explains) and she is glad about the new sanitary facilities, the newer campgrounds have. That’s why she even calls herself „spoiled“.

Returning to tiny tents is something she can imagine though: For participating in Rock am Ring, she would definitely trade in her mobile home for a tent (but only for a weekend). Nicole is actually a big fan of Rock and Metal music and when her favourite band Slipknot announces a concert, she will even go to great lengths to travel after them. Her passion for this particular music scene started in 1999 with her discovery of the band HIM. Before that she was a Kelly Family fan and now she remembers the radio hits of the 90s and 2000s with disapproval (she never liked Britney Spears or the Spice Girls). Today she „finally found [her] music preferences“ and likes to buy a lot of CDs. Nicole also likes to not always own everything digitally, and instead likes to hold objects in her own hands. However, she still has 50 books in her home that she hasn’t read yet, and that’s why even she, as a self-declared „old school“-member, has brought herself to try an E-Book reader- „so that I can finally stop buying new books.“

Nicole also likes to exercise- volleyball, jogging, bicycling- she does it all. After work she also likes to devote herself to her preparation for the summer triathlon this year- a triathlon „for everybody, I’m not Iron Man.“

At Pickmotion, Nicole is working in the order management and also takes care of the client communication. Before that, she finished her professional training for becoming an office clerk and worked at Saturn.

Nicole‘s favourite card is (unsurprisingly) ZG-0133 “Worry less live more”, because it conveys a feeling of lightheartedness and serenity- a feeling of „coming home.“